Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Vintage Fridge...

I could use that as a blog title....

But really it applies to the refrigerator in my kitchen and the makeover it underwent today... not on the inside (no, the smelly containers of mystery food are still in there unfortunately) ; on the outside. Man alive, it needed some help.

Like most folks, we have an assortment of photos and memorabilia on our fridge that I like to display; notes, drawings, artwork and photos that make me smile as I busy myself about the kitchen. I really like the collection on there,the only problem was our magnet situation... I felt it was a little hurtin. 

The bottom drawing is a self portrait of Ava a deer ... Yes, I love it too.

Not only were there not enough magnets to hold all the stuff I wanted on my fridge, but they weren't very strong and had to share more than one paper, so they slid down the face of the door over the course of the day and were an odd assortment of random objects that lacked  and balance or cohesion.

I know, I may have given this waaaaaay too much thought...

But a few years ago, before I moved into the house my husband was building us, I  was really putting thought into all of this  and went all gaga over some Dick and Jane magnets I had seen online. A few weeks before you see, I had fallen in love with this little magnet book someone had gifted to Ava Grace:

Alas, we moved into the house, unwrapped our new stainless steel refrigerator and discovered to my dismay that it was not magnetic, so the retro magnets were never ordered or enjoyed.

But we continued to love the little magnet book full of adorable pictures.
I actually love the aesthetic and illustrations from these vintage readers and always snag them from Thrift Stores or garage sales whenever I can. Here's a taste of the small collection of them I am building:

So today, I came across this little set of books whilst thrifting and the gears in my head got going on the idea of turning them into magnets of my very own following the basic idea I used to make fridge poetry .

Wouldn't you know, it worked brilliantly.

Just take a look at how cute those book covers turned into magnets when I simply adhered pieces of magnetic business card to the back of them  like so:

In only a few moments I had made myself a pretty little set and quickly rearranged the whole fridge face to my liking.

Isn't this a nicer rendering of me than the one done HERE ?

THEN, I went a little crazy and cut up all the pictures in the little books, creating a plethora of little magnets for the kids to play with and to gift out to others....

So, I thought maybe one of you would like a little set for yourself?

Oui ?

Just leave a comment below
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and on Friday after 12 p.m.(mountain standard time zone) check back here to find out who the random number generator picks, and you too will have a cute vintage fridge...

Isn't that cool? 

( and yes, the pun was definitely intended)

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