About Me.

It`s funny how writing a blog is all about writing about yourself, and yet when I set out here to create an "About Me" page, I have no idea what to say.

In truth, this blog has had a symbiotic relationship with me finding myself and the real things that make me tick.
I feel that in the past year and a half, I've begun to hit a bit of a stride with simply knowing who I am or at least who I want to be.
None of the areas of my life are perfect (far from it), but they are certainly becoming more deliberate and intentional all the time.

I've always had an interest in handicrafts and traditional domestic arts, but beginning this blog in June of 2010 had more to do with wanting practice as a writer, writing about those handicrafts was simply a topic I knew I could write about and have a small inkling of what I was actually talking about.

Really it began to turn into so much more for me, as I've discovered new passions and learned far more about crafts, cooking, parenting, family life, others and myself than I ever have had to share.

I am really just a young wife and mother, trying, forming a more coherent idea all the time of the type of home maker I want to be. I've discovered convictions and inspirations along the way of writing this blog about our family's values, rhythm and having a simple, sustainable way of life. I've  had so many epiphanies that sometimes the personal growth can feel a bit like a roller coaster. With great enthusiasm I have thrust myself onto the tracks that lead to new things and others that just sort of petered out.

Basically I'm a work in progress. We all are for sure, but this blog is about my progress and I am honored by you interest and support to share in it with me. Your readership is one of the greatest encouragements to this  progress as a parent, a Crafter, soon-to-be home educator, a child of God, and urban homesteader (if I may so boldly use the term).
I feel I have only hit the tip of the ice-burg and sometimes I joke with my husband that the older I get, the crunchier I become, and really just a whole lot more comfortable in the skin God gave me.

It's a good life, it's a home-made one, and I love sharing it with you.

You can contact me for any questions, comments or concerns at:
a-winkel@hotmail.com and I will reply to you straight-away.

As well, I try to reply to questions in my blog postings or in the instant reply feature of the comments section, so check back!

Here is a Link to My First Post here on the blog from June 2010.


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