Monday, March 7, 2011

Fridge Poetry

Here's a craft idea from a while back now, that we made for my sister-in-law's housewarming.
So simple, so fun, and just the perfect thing for another Monday morning trapped indoors I think!!!
especially when one's digital camera is run out of juice and she has no new original thoughts to share (or maybe just too many of them....which is usually the case)

What you'll need: Old magazines with lots of nice titles and fonts and interesting words.
(I get free Chatelaine magazines and they have lots of recipes and "kitchen-type" words in them so that became our theme of chosen words.)
Sheets of magnet ( can be purchased at any office or craft supply store)
Thrifty Tip* we just used all the old magnets from the side of the fridge that we had accumulated over time from trade-shows, business cards etc.

Double sided tape roller ( I like the "Tombo Mono Adhesive Rollers")

Cut out words from the magazine articles or even small pictures  if you wish.
(for a really good selection, make sure to cut out verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns AND pronouns. We included extra single letters as well, such as extra vowels, and   "s", "t" and "r"s.)

Arrange and tape the letters to your sheet of magnet and using nice sharp craft scissors cut out your words.

Stick em on the fridge and have fun playing!

To gift them, we put them all in a little box with a house decal on the top. But you could make all kinds of sets including "word building" for kids, or even use child book illustrations...really the only limit is your imagination!


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