Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Mother

This mother isn't perfect
This mother can be inconsistent at best
This mother caves at the worst of times
This mother sometimes has pictures like this drawn of her after sending her daughter to sit on the stairs.

This mother wakes up on the wrong side of the bed
This mother finds playdough in her hair
And forgotten diapers fallen behind the change table
This mother hides food that she wants to eat herself in the pantry and then hides herself in there sometimes too.

This mother asks a lot of questions
This mother flies by the seat of her pants
This mother has sometimes "HAD IT!" by 6 :40 in the morning.

This mother has lots of ideas
This mother makes a lot of promises
To them and to herself
This mother would do just about anything for a mother of her own

This mother is so blessed...and she knows it
This mother get's the best kisses and compliments ever
From the sticky lips of her children
This mother cries her tears, but they are the ones of gratitude

This mother turns out the light tired but happy each night
With the vow to do better when the sun comes up
Ready to try it all again in the morning.

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