Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Whole Year of Homemade Goodness...

Well, as you can see, nothing much has actually changed around here... if you were waiting for the drumroll... you'll have to wait a little longer. No, there are no hidden gems or "easter eggs" hidden around the blog anywhere you scroll or click.

I would say the only egg is on my face for assuming that the facelift would be complete and trying to pin it down to an actual time... these things take time that can not be anticipated it seems.

Anyway, here I am late at night finishing up a novel and doing some more knitting (you can actually see exactly what I'm up from this week's Yarn Along  if you are so interested), trying to fight through a nasty earache and an inability to sleep....

 As you will be reading this in the morning, let me start by saying a good morning to all of you who join me at some point in your day to see what it is I've been up to. I am only too aware of how precious our time is, and the fact that you spend even a minute checking on me over here, is very flattering!

One whole year ago, I took up blogging as a way to practice writing, having been told that to become better at it, one must do so every day.  I decided that if I was going to write, perhaps it could be an excellent way to record some of the projects I liked to work on, gift ideas I came up, with and the misadventures I encountered raising my kids and getting a little crunchier on the side.

In August of last year, my sister in law confessed that she actually really like reading what I posted and this baffled me, but actually gave me the confidence to keep on going and since then, I cannot tell you what it has become for me.

This space for thoughts and ideas has become a philosopher's armchair, a laboratory, a craft room, a shrink's couch and a good old fashioned cry at times as it has been a great boon to me in some very difficult times this past year.

Most of all it has been like a talking-feather, handed to me around the story circle and the only reason it is any of these things is because you all listen patiently and respond so kindly.

I may never be able to eloquently express my sincere appreciation of your support, encouragement and inspiration here in my little corner of the blogosphere. Some of you I know personally in my day to day life, some of you I've gotten to know from checking and chatting up on our mutual blogs and some of you are just friends waiting to happen.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I never set out to build a large readership or make for myself any special platform to speak about anything in particular, but in baby steps, this blog has helped me find a voice that I sort of thought was maybe in there, and sure enough I'm getting used to letting her talk more and more.
In some ways it's hard to decipher where the line is between my personal growth fueling what I write on the blog, or what I write on the blog, pushing me towards personal growth.

Perhaps I have waxed on, too poetical and too long, and  my heart has worn a hole now too in my  sleeve... but it's that kind of night; all wrapped up in a blanket with a cat at my feet and a cup of tea...
and I think you get where I'm coming from... 
and if you don't, then stick around and read here a while...

So with all these sentiments now spilled into the electronic universe,  allow me to reel us all back in to the matter at hand; the give-aways I have planned over the next few days:

Here's how it will work:
There are five giveaways. On each day that there is a give-away you can comment on the post that displays that particular giveaway that you are interested in... and you can do so UNTIL NEXT WEDNESDAY AT 12:00 AM. (Mountain standard time.) that means you have oodles and oodles and oodles of time to enter and enter more than once if you share it to your facebook or twitter account and then link back to me and comment again saying that you did so. So that means oodles and oodles of time and oodles and oodles of chances to win.... how does that sound?

The only catch is that for all purposes of fairness, the comments have to be on the actual comments page of the post you are wanting to enter, they can't be facebook or twitter comments. If you need help with making that work, give me a heads up and we'll get it all sorted out in a jiff.

Okay, so first on the block this week....
A little eco-friendly offering for all the picnicing you plan to do this summer; a set of handmade cloth napkins.

Made in this adorable design by Charlotte Ramel ( found at Ikea) they are 100% cotton and um... covered in happy little vegetables... what is not to love?

So let's let the love fest of this one-year blog-birthday begin ( Keri, that alliteration was just for you)

Have a great day!!!!


  1. you are so talented! do you have an etsy site?

  2. Such talent! Happy anniversary! I love your blog.

  3. love the napkins! How do I enter the draws?

  4. Hmmm, pretty sure I left a comment here several days ago but it's gone!!! That's okay. What I said was that I think you write beautifully. You're witty, funny, and I love reading your blog. So there.
    Hope you feel better soon :).



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