Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mohair and Bamboo {Yarn Along}

Maybe some of you picked up on the subtle note last week (or in the last few weeks actually) that my love for crocheting has been getting a little stale.... I just think we need some time apart.

Enter the NEW and the EXCITING.

I was bored with the same stitches and ready to pull out my knitting needles again and my beginner's manual to try once again with the world of knits and purls.

Now, I've tried knitting multiple times and crocheting has always won out because I am prone to less mistakes with it, I find it easier to manage one needle over two and the sculptural nature of crochet projects makes more sense to me and doesn't require as much reliance on a pattern once I've made something a few times, I can do a method pretty easily to make something simple like hats ore scarves.

However, crocheting has it's limitations as well. I find that no matter what I make, crocheting has a very feminine quality to it, and as pretty as I think it is, I don't think Jackson will be wanting to wear what I've been making and I really want to be able to make something for my boy. It's hard enough to find great projects for boys with sewing, let alone crocheting.  And almost every day I see some new thing that I want so badly to be able to make (you all inspire me so much), but in order to make- first I must learn.

So back to the  needles I went; I picked up these lovely bamboo needles for  pennies at a thrift store and man, oh man, I think they are the right needles for me. Something about the feel of them in my hands just makes me want to hold them and for my first yarn I also chose the finest in my stash; a gorgeous mohair in my favorite shade of smokey brown.

Even my little niece loved playing in its softness like a little kitten.

The pleasure of working with beautiful yarn and beautiful needles is, I believe, half the battle I formerly fought with the process.

So, I have no real project  per say to share this week. I've just been practicing and practicing. The knits and purls and making sure I keep tension and don't drop and add stitches.

For my reading this week, I've picked up a novel I've seen floating around the blogosphere for a while now, and I found it at the same thrift store for a dollar... so it seems like it was meant to be.

I .... AM..... TOTALLY..... HOOKED.

I can't remember the last time I read a novel just for the sheer joy the words on the page gave me. The combinations of great words, written so so so well, just gives me goosebumps and I find myself re-reading my favorite sentences aloud.
And that's not to mention the actual story... on that count- also totally hooked.

Yes, the Thirteenth Tale is working it's way one word at a time into my top list of books I've ever curled up with on rainy afternoons and late nights curled up under the blankets... just the right amount of spooky, just the right amount of everything.

In fact I think I might just sign off here and go draw a bath and take that delicious volume with me... and while the water runs, I might fit in a few rows of knits and purls....

For more knitting, reading and delightful inspirations, check out Ginny's blog at Small Things. She's the one who started it all, and so you will have her to thank and join up with, 
with some "yarning along" of your own.


  1. It's so great when you can alternate between knitting and crochetting for some variation. That's so great you found the thrifted needles knitting with the bamboo needles is nice.
    I have the same book but havne't started it and I have heard good things about too.

  2. what lovelyknitting needles! A great incentive to learn to knit. It looks like your doing well so far, good luck. Hopefully your crochet experience will make it easier for you

  3. Welcome to the "dark side"! ;-)

    Bamboo needles are wonderful to work with yarn that can be slightly slippery. Bamboo and mohair is a great combination. Good luck!

  4. OH I loved the Thirteenth Tale! So glad you are too! And I love the mohair and bamboo--LOVE! I hear you on the crochet thing. But what I have found is that each of them meets a different need for me. Crochet is mindless, fast, and has a near to instant gratification with the projects. Knitting is methodical, challenging, and soothing all at once. There is more work to knitting, but the rewards satisfy tenfold. I also seem to want to crochet when knitting has slapped me around a few times :).

  5. You have some great thrifting mojo!

  6. Enjoy your knitting adventures; the yarn looks yummy! Have fun!

  7. The baby-in-the-yarn photo is too cute! I just started giving Silas some yarn to play with and he loves it too. Glad to hear that you're enjoying the knitting! I'm a fan of bamboo needles as well...they make all the difference!

  8. I love the baby and the yarn... and so glad the knitting is clicking this time! Ha!! Clicking! I loved the thirteenth tale... hope you do to!!

  9. I'll have to look for that book...I'm in need of something new. I also love bamboo needles, what a great thrift store find!


  10. I thoroughly loved that book! You will enjoy it from beginning to end :) Keep at the knitting, it will pay off in the end!

  11. So good to experiment with knitting. I hope you find a project that you can get your teeth into.



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