Friday, June 10, 2011

Flip Flop Fun For a Frugal Friday

I saw these adorable sandals last week at the mall... I looked at the price tag and put them back on the shelf.

Again the little voice in my head  (sort of like a shoulder angel but instead of wings and a halo it's wearing cute clothes from Anthropologie... and there is no equivalent shoulder devil because nothing ever combats my decisions to be creative) that little voice whispered fr me to go home and make those cute little sandals for myself... for about $6.00 all in.

So that's what I did.

I got these little brown sandals for $6.00 and covered them with embroidery thread from my stash and voila! I have cute little American Eagle sandals now for myself.

Here's how simple it was to make them.

I started with a plain pair of brown flip flops but really you could use absolutely any flip flops that you wanted. I wanted brown cause I was trying to imitate the leather look of the ones I found in the shop.

All the materials needed

Start with a dab of HotGlue on the back of the sandal strap and glue down a bit of embroidery thread in your first color choice. Then wind it around the sandal strap, separating the threads a bit as you go until you've got a block of color you're happy with. Pull out the glue gun on glue down the ends on the underside of the strap.

Then move on to doing the same with the next color you choose.

and the third and so on...

Do the same to the other sandal and really it's that easy. You now have cute sandals for  pennies!

Now go and enjoy your weekend !!!!!!
But be sure to check back here next week, there will be some new things coming down the pipe very soon.

Some of you may note that it has been almost a WHOLE YEAR since I started this little blog space and it has grown more than I ever thought it would (and it's still pretty small, so that should tell you how low my expectations were that anyone would ever enjoy reading it, and how flattered and grateful I am that you all do)
Well, to thank you for your support, encouragement, inspiration and friendship here, the week of June 16 onward will be a WEEK OF FREE GIVEAWAYS for various items and sundry... and it should  not be missed!

Also, there will be some new design for this space and I  will likely be moving to my own domain name, but don't worry it will all happen as smoothly as possible and no one should get lost in the shuffle.

And as a last note: This next week will be a week of double posts as I attempt to post up all the Sewing craziness that's been going on in my house lately and some of it, (I think) is just the right kind of craziness and I hope you'll like it too...

So enjoy your weekend, and we'll kick it off on Monday with more musings, more sewing, and hopefully more creativity being whispered at us from a little shoulder muse in a cute oufit, I probably couldn't pull off in real life.


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