Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yarning Along on the Path To My Garden....

Here's what's Yarning Along this week....

I just about missed Yarn Along this week. I have been so busy with .... so many other things and me and the pillowcase I've been trying to do for two blessed weeks now aren't really getting along. We're bored of eachother  and needed to spend some time apart. In fact the whole stitching world has been losing my interest this week in favor or messier, sunnier pursuits.
This week, I've been reading this Children's book on gardening and actually learning a whole lot. I bought this at a garage sale last year for my kids for an Easter gift, but already it's sitting on the coffee trunk, the countertop, kitchen table, playroom floor and nightstand because we've all been flipping through it so much.
I actually woke up this morning to Jackson sitting on my pillow next to my head. leafing through the pages and hooting excitedly at all the pictures of carrots wearing cowboy boots (it's that kind of book... so it's the kind I like)

Anyway, all of this talk of seeds and plants got me thinking of beans and then I thought that perhaps with all the spring days we have planned in the mud patch we are calling a garden, perhaps my head would like a little beanie to wear... no... scrap that.... a slouchy beanie.

I have wanted a slouchy beanie for quite some time now, so I went to my yarn bin (not unlike a potato bin) and squinted down into it to see what's left in there that might inspire me. I found the loveliness pictured above and it almost shouted at me "MAKE ME INTO A SLOUCHY BEANIE"... no scrap that again... it was more like a seductive  whisper " make me into a slouchy beanie Ashley... you know you want to". 


A beanie has been cast on following the pattern I found here, and a garden is being planted which you can read more about here.

And to see more of the fabulous knitting/crocheting and reading that's been going on this week, check out Ginny's blog at Small Things, you'll be so glad you did.

So here's to renewed inspirations, learning from books, getting things into the ground and each little stitch being like a little seed, all growing into something great.

and slouchy. (let's not forget the slouchy)


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