Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How DOES that garden grow?

Outside the world is made of mud... and in my kitchen it's not much different.

We've been playing in the dirt.

This week we started the first of our seedlings for the garden, and boy was it fun!

We started with a basic variety of veggies and herbs and we'll see if anything comes of it. (I'm not known for having the greenest thumbs to put it lightly).

We soaked seeds and prepared little bits of soil, and then placed each of the little seeds into our little mud bits and covered them with water and sunshine.

Our newest addition to the family; the "nature table"

We gave everything whimsical names, cause any garden of mine needs to have a sense of humor and wry wit (as do many things in my life, otherwise... what's the point?)

...Think "Mr. Roboto"

We've only just started and had I known how much fun this would be in a crazy-lady-trying-to-plant-worlds-tiniest-oregano-seeds type of way, I would've been saving the cardboard containers our local farm eggs come in all year round.

As it is, we felt that some of the plants needed a spiffy home to grow in, despite the overwhelming beauty of the cut-in-half milk cartons and mennonite tupperware (that's old margarine/yogurt containers for anyone who doesn't  come from Mennonite stock like I do.)

I got these little mugs for a splash from the thrift store and just traced some letters onto them and then colored them with a permanent marker.

No, they don't have holes in the bottom for drainage but they do have a decent amount of pebbles, and  thin layer of soil just for starting the seeds, we'll see how they do. In the meantime, they look pretty kickin.

Tommorow is another day of dirt and play and praying that something green comes from our toils...cause we are all becoming just a little more "green" all the time aren't we?

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