Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On Parenting...

It seems like the topic is on a lot of blogs and minds these days, and talking about it seems like just the thing needed!

My heart broke reading my friend Nicola's vulnerable posting yesterday at her blogWhich Name. She talked about her parenting and the challenges that she faced not only with her children but with herself. My friend MJ at Wander Wonder Discover also wrote about her style of Parenting this morning and confessed that the choices she makes in that arena have been ready to be shared until now, and then I came across the Natural Parenting Blog Party that she's joined. It seems like parenting is on the brain.... pretty much all the time for us moms and I thought I'd lay down a post here with some of the introductory promptings found at the peaceful housewife.

1.Many of you know right off the bat that I am the Mama of two precious kiddos; a four year old girl and a 21 month old son.
2. I couldn't do any of what I do without my amazing husband Kevin, that's for sure.
3.I've spoken recently on one particular hot button topic about raising my daughter which you can find find...
4. This question made me laugh as I thought about the post I did on this exact topic back in September, that you can read ...

5. To think of books that have influenced my parenting philosophy,  I can think of three off the top of my head; ones that read a very long time ago and one I am very into right now:

Breaking the Good Mom Myth- Alyson Schafer

Grace Based Parenting- By Dr. Tim Kimmel
Simplicity Parenting By Kim John Payne M. Ed.
Much more importantly are the things I have learned by carefully watching and trying my best to emulate the characteristics of the real mothers I know. I am blessed  enough to have them share themselves and their journeys with me, and I am amazed, challenged and encouraged by so many. A sisterhood of mothers is a powerful village to raise children indeed!

6. To describe each of my children with only one word is hard to do but let me see if I can put it as simply as possible:

The last two questions I wanted to answer on the survey are a little heavy for this bright tuesday morning and will be answered in more thoughtful posts in the next two weeks.
I'm looking forward to a fresh venue for exploring myself as a parent and meeting some new blogs on the subject. To all of you readers who have children, I hope you sincerely enjoy your day with them. And for those of you who have a child inside their hearts, I hope you enjoy your day with them too.
My children are climbing all over me, needing help with the zippers and buttons that fill our morning routines, and so I have to sign off for now!

Cheers and happy parenting!

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