Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Doing This Instead...

Today is "Yarn Along" hosted by Ginny at small things and I had been gearing up to share a post on what I've really been working on this week. It's a little crochet project that my heart needed to make and a book that my soul needed to read, but it really isn't the type of post that says "don't ya just love fiber arts and good books" but more of the "don't you just want to curl up in a little ball and cry sometimes" kind, and I chickened out... I'm way too scared of taking the lid off the most private thing about me and perhaps someday I'll be able to share it, but for now the project is tucked under my pillow and the book is being saved for my few evenings alone where no one but my bathtub needs to see this woman's tears.

I'm okay-- really I am... I'm just not at the sharing stage... so this week I have been doing this instead....

Stocking up on more crunchy books about food and where it comes from... and crocheting yet another sweater, for yet another doll my daughter has fallen in love with... yet again.

If ever crocheting was soothing in it's repetitious yet still creative way, it is in these days; the magical days of spring that drive us mad the same way celibacy before marriage does...

Yes, this is at about 6:50 in the morning and courtesy of Ava Grace's photo skills

Spring is such a tease and keeping my mind and hands productive while watching the stubborn lumps of snow S-l-l-o-o-w-w-l-l-y  take their sweet time dissolving (or sublimating --which was the new word of the day on Monday) is really very necessary.

Before embarking on the sweater (which I am doing in this soft lump of Georga wool - the last of the Walmart stash, before I can justify buying something REALLY worth working with) I had to make dolly some little booties at the request of her little mama because poor dolly has cracked and broken feet because of her age  (being a rather vintage dolly on loan from Oma). It really wouldn't do to have her poor heels split and cracked and Opa's glue job on them needs to be preserved, so booties seemed just the thing. This little pair ended up taking about 5 minutes each to make and I made them up myself,so I thought I would share the pattern here with you all....

5.5 m hook and size 5 yarn.

chain 3
Single Crochet into first chain, single crochet into remaining two chains.
Chain one and single crochet in the first two stitches. 
Single crochet twice into the last stitch. 
Chain One.
 Single crochet into first 3 stitches and single crochet twice into the last stitch
Chain one.
Continue around-single crochet into each stitch  and chain one(2x)
Flip work over and single crochet into next  or four stitches Chain one (2x)
Flip work over and single crochet into next stitch. 
Stitch two together and single crochet into last stitch
Slip stitch all the way around both whole bootie 
When you get back all the way around chain about 6 stitches to use as a bootie strap. 
Tie off and tie a little shank button onto the end. 
You should be able to fit the little button into the stitches on the outer side of the bootie like a buckle.

Super quick and super cute and Dolly is as happy as the little mama.

As for more thoughts on all those crunchy food books I have piled up to read... there will be more on  that in tomorrow's post which I've also had to work up quite a bit of  courage to actually publish.

Please visit back and have a read, my  words have been cooking a's to hoping I won't have to eat them....

Ah, we get braver and stronger every day don't we?

Go put something warm and soft on your cracked broken feet 
(if you are like me, and your feet sorely need some TLC)
and have a brave and strong day!


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