Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yarn Along

Every week I've been joining up with all the fabulous ladies (so talented they are!!!) that are part of Yarn Along, started by Ginny from Small Things. I post a picture of what I've been reading and stitching this week.

What a week it has been!
I feel like I have barely wet my toes in the mighty ocean of needleworking and I know I have so much learning and practicing and catching up to do! But oh! how I have enjoyed even just the smallest of baby steps I have taken!
This week was particularly exciting,  but not because I finished any spectacular project (in all honesty I got very mad at the sleeves on a certain sweater and decided we were not going to spend any more time together till we can both calm down).
 This week I took one step further into these bold waters  and started looking up  local Yarn Shops, Yarn Sites, (Beaverslide...oh my!), Tutorials, Books on Crocheting, Knitting and this amazing thing called "Ravelry", has anyone ever heard of it?
( I really hope most of you know that was a joke...ahem)

Moving on...

I climbed into bed the other night and sighed deeply. When my half asleep husband asked what was burdening my soul, I replied, "There are too many things I want! There are too many gorgeous yarns, and patterns...and shops and classes, and things to learn and make and do....and not enough hours in the day."

I felt daunted but exhilarated.
Yes, it was a great week, not because of what I accomplished but because of what I started to dream about.
I want to tackle everything, but I'm focusing on the baby steps.

A freak blizzard this weekend canceled my plans to visit River City Yarns, so that is still on the list of things to do, along with investigating the classes they teach, pulling out my book on knitting again and sifting through a mountain of tutorial videos and web sites on questions like, "what is blocking"?

So, now that I've blathered about all of that and displayed the full extent of my ignorance (matched only by my enthusiasm), I will discourse on this week's  Yarn Along photo, properly.

I spent a good hour trying to hunt down the color code for the yarn I am using, but all I can tell you it is Georga's  Recycled Fiber "Deluxe Spun"   from their "Easy Knit" collection, and it really is easy to work with. 
It feels like a very soft wool and the recycled fibers make  it  interesting. This week I'm working on practice, practice, practice; so while it will all hopefully come together as a pillow cover eventually, right now it is really just a mishmash of different types of crochet stitches with a 5.5 mm needle.

As for books....
My reading this week  whole winter has been lacking, (I've been doing plenty of reading, a lot of it just hasn't been great). Then hallelujah! my first issue of Country Living finally showed up in the mail, (Thanks Jan!). 
I received it only a few short days ago, but it is  already quite dog-eared and has even been dropped a bit in the bathtub...
Someday someone will invent a little floating table or something for somewhat clumsy people like me who love to read  in the bathtub, but don't love to have their reading materials destroyed,  and I will owe that person a debt of gratitude.*

Anyway, that's what I've been up to. 
Not all of my hopes from last last week came true (in fact none of them), but I have some new dreams now to replace them...

....and we just keep yarning along.

*while you're at it, maybe you could invent this little floating table to have a place to rest a nice drink... and maybe even a little snack...I would like that.

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