Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happiness Is...

I thought I'd just really quickly post some of the things that have been making me super happy right now.

For my birthday my sister took me out for lunch (AND SWEET SWEET LEMON MERINGE PIE!)
I also got this funky polka dot hat, and a knitting book which shall further me in my quests to be awesome

A close- up of the pie... it was THAT good.

A cute root beer bottle

makes an awesome vase for my garden cut roses from Hiedi. * gratitude*

* Also, a little note on happiness:

I think for Christians that "happiness" can sometimes have a bad rap, because we're too often hung up on "joy" and how joy is so much deeper and longer lasting than happiness. So we say happiness is "fleeting" or "meaningless" to the point were we've made it a secular notion and joy has become a spiritual characteristic. While joy is in fact a product of living a life in step with God, Happiness is something to be looked for, fought for, enjoyed and shared with others. It's a gift not a product, it's ours for the taking certainly not be squashed. So find your happiness, smile about it and in my case blog about it, cause it's important too.

Is there an amen in the house????

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