Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yarn Along

It's Wednesday again, and as usual, I'm joining Ginny at small things with a photo of what I"m currently crocheting and reading this week.

I wish I had more to share this week than I do.  

I'm afraid this week there's nothing but a poor photograph ( I didn't realize the camera cord was in the way until just now-- the good camera is still broken)
A sweater that is still awaiting sleeves (sleeves... eeek!) and
An  idea book that has been inspiring me all week, (but no lovely drawings of plans for the yard as I hoped there would be).

You see, my children have been sick .
I feel that their noses must surely be hanging by the thinnest of threads with how much wiping has been going on around here....and really there are only so many boogers that one sane mother can take.

Winter drags on and on and on...

We're drinking lots of tea with honey, finishing one row at time on a little pink sweater (made with a ball of yarn I grabbed for .25 cents at the thrift store, so I'm afraid I  have no details on it other than it was very, very cheap) and dreaming about a garden that will inherit the ground still covered in too much snow and ice....

Here's to hoping that next week:
The sleeves will be done (eek!)
The garden will be planned
The sniffles and coughs will be gone
and perhaps even the camera fixed?

A girl can dream

Here's to "yarning along"....


  1. Sometimes all one can do is yarn along and wait for the better times ahead. I hope your winter turns quickly to spring.

  2. Ah me! You give me "deja vu." So many people with sniffles & sneezes. I feel especially sorry for the little ones.
    Your little sweater is so sweet.
    News? I too am crocheting!...Barbie clothes!! Itty bitty little things & it is such fun to see them grow under my not -too-dexterous fingers! The BEST part, is that my little grand-daughters will see them as "marvelous creations!" So good for a Mummum's ego!!
    Keep smiling! Spring WILL come! I too can hardly wait!!!!!It is my most favorite time of year. I even enjoy the puddles & mud!!!!
    Love you!

  3. Sick kids and long winter dreariness have a way of sucking up time and motivation, don't they... Soon, everyone will be better, and spring will be that much closer! The pink sweater is looking very sweet! :o)

  4. Here's hoping all you dreams come true!

    Blessings, Elizabeth



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