Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yet one more post about dolls.... and my first GIveaway!!!!

Yes, I seem to post a lot about dolls these days... stick with me on this one, there will be something for your patience at the end perhaps.

Today's post is about wooden dolls in particular.

Over the last little while, I have fallen in love with wooden toys. Mostly wooden trucks, cars and trains, which Jackson also loves (but this mama finds herself wanting to hold and roll them around too).
But today it was all about the wooden dolls.

First of all....

Do your kids spend the day enthralled with random ordinary objects and turn them into imaginative play things?
Mine sure do, today was all about pitchers, spoons and a step stool... seriously. This is what I found on the floor by the couch....
(this "baby" was carried around all morning and her "mama" kept holding her out to me saying, 
"Doesn't she have the most lovely face?" 
"Why yes dear, she is the loveliest of spoons."
"No MOM! She's a baby!")

Later in the playroom our "dancing art man", was filling in for Prince Charming, waltzing with Snow White

He really is a marvelous dancer...

Now before you start thinking my daughter must be really deprived in the doll department, let me assure you that she also has other family members who add to her doll collection. Allow me to introduce you to  "Sigmund" as I've started calling him. (Ava Grace calls him "Strawberry Shortcake")...

Ava and her imaginative Opa created Sigmund from wood and cloth scraps in his workshop during the weekend.  He is a cheerful little elf ( I think) who stands sentinel by the door now to greet those who come to our home. But after an awkward (albeit humorous) conversation, two persons felt he looked a little like a clansmen, so we decided Sigmund needed a new look....

Or at least a new hat.

And then the real reason for this post is to share some more of the little wooden dolls  I spent the morning making from clothespins...

These two little sister dolls will be headed to two little sisters this week and I hope they enjoy them!

I've had so much making these little dolls that you can also check out here. I made one extra today and not only did I use her to make a tutorial that will be going up shortly on the sidebar... I'm going to send her off to anyone who wants her.
If you would like to have "Gretchen" (complete with back-story as promised in earlier post) then just leave a comment below and I'll use a random number generator to pick someone and you let you know in Thursday's posting!

Here's Gretchen in all her glory: (sorry the photos are so bad)

What are you playing with today?



  1. Oh, I love the wooden spoon baby! Aren't the imaginations of kids the best? Gretchen is a sweetie!

  2. Ashley, you and your kids are truly blessed with creativity and imagination! Not all of us are so lucky, but you provide me with some true inspiration. Thanks Ashley. I love your creativity! And your blog!

  3. WOW, my daughters would flip for these. And I just happen to have all the things I need to make them. I may have just found my weekend project, thanks



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