Monday, January 31, 2011

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

I feel that I have hit upon a universal truth, one of those things that sounds like a scripted line from a movie, where it comes out of your mouth and after you've said it, you think "Yeah, that IS how it is; I nailed it."
Tell me if you agree:

Moving into a new house is the best; moving out of an old one is the worst.
(to expound):
Barring some unforeseen nightmare in a new home, moving into a new house can be one of the most thrilling and exciting things.
But it's the leaving of the old house that can be so so hard, full of work and a little drudgery. 

If you are like me, it takes an awful lot to deter from the joy and excitement of finding new homes for things and making little corners of a new place feel like home. 

We moved into our last home that we built the very first DAY it was possibly liveable. The water was turned on the evening before we moved in and the railing was put around the gaping hole down to the basement where the stairs were going. We had to contend with uninstalled cupboards in the middle of the kitchen floor, rooms without doors or finished closets and a bathroom filled with extra tile, bags of grout sand, and a stand alone toilet....pretty. But I was still giddy to be setting up my nest in this construction  zone.

Our more recent move was MUCH easier, as we just showed up, unpacked, (did a little painting) and sat back and said, "we're here". It's been so much fun!
But there's still the old house to finish and get sold and that's a bit of dicey position to be in. God has a funny way of having things turn out, and as it would happen, the house is in sale limbo already (let's describe it as "betrothed") to someone very close to me. Honestly I am OVERJOYED to be finishing and sprucing the old girl up for my lovely "N." It makes all the work that went into this old place feel worth it, because it's going to someone (s) I love, to be home for them.
Talk about win-win.... except now we need to get to work.

(Also a Universal Truth):     All good things call for elbow grease.

So, we spent this last weekend with the "wee Winkelets" at their Oma and Opa's and Kevin and I worked on our own version of a DIY home show, finishing all the things on the house that never got done while we lived there.

(FINALLY the unfinished walls have baseboards.)


Anyway, I did so much "dapping" and caulking that my fingertips were worn to a shiny nub by Saturday night, and let me tell you there is no amount of 80's tunes or bags of Nibs than can make that job less tedious.

But at least I look wickedly hard-core with my gun here :)

Kevin and I have joked in the past that if we were any Sitcom family, we would be Tim and Jill Taylor from "Home Improvement"
(some of you are even reading this and thinking, "Oh my gosh, they SO are.")

Now, Kevin is not always as ill-fated as "Tim the Tool Man Taylor".  He's actually amazing with what he can figure out and fix around the house, but this weekend did include wolf-like noises made over a torn apart hardwood floor with boards that ended up being a fourteenth-of-a-flipping-inch too large, a saw that wouldn't work and a nail gun that went kaputs....

But in the end we triumphed over at little less than half the long list of things that need to be done and we only made a couple rude remarks to the Primer  and how much we hated it and how much we hate priming walls....
honestly, all that work and then the walls look waaaaaaaay worse than they did before! (arrrgh)

 We spent our Sunday recovering and eating the last of Oma's Christmas baking, holding a  baby niece, and eating broccoli in front of the t.v. to make up for all the junk food we consumed overnight on Friday.....

How was your weekend?


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  1. Ashely!! Nanny & I read some of your blog, together today, & chuckled loudly as we followed various "incidents" in your life. To date, while I love them all, when I want a chuckle I go back to the diaper episode!!! Hilarious! Have you decided that disposables are the "hands-down-best" route to go???? Love you.....:-)



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