Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's another Wednesday with Yarn Along! Once again we're joining in the community Ginny started at Small Things. The point is to picture what you've been stitching away at this week and what you've been reading.

My selections this week are a little sweater I'm making for Ava's naked baby doll that has only one outfit that has gone missing. Poor little baby is cold and needed a sweater, so I pulled out this ancient stash of boucle yarn and went to work. (this yarn is not the easiest to work with, especially on my first attempt at a little sweater, but it hides the mistakes well too.)

My book selections this week were Ecoholic Home by Adria Vasil, which made me feel like a chemical hording monster for all the Eco-no-nos around my house, but it will take A LOT of time to refit my entire house, especially when a lot of the products that are preferred cost more than my usual grocer bill for the month....sigh.
Then I read  Homeschooling Take a Deep Breath- You can do this by  Terrie Lyne Bittner. I was also really disappointed in this book. The section I had looked forward to the most, "Creating support for homeschooling among spouses, parents, in-laws and relatives", basically just told me I should manipulate them all emotionally by exaggerating problems in the public school system and try to make them think Homeschooling my kids was their idea...

So my reading  selections this week were less than inspirational, but the doll sweater came off great!
Here's another little pick of it in progress... finished pics for next week perhaps?

waiting for sleeves.


  1. It is so dissapointing when a book does less than we expect.
    I love your yarn color, so pretty! Good luck on both your endeavors!

  2. I have found so many homeschooling books that do that. Have you read Lisa Welchel's book on homeschooling? It is excellent!

  3. You are so sweet to knit a sweater for a baby doll. Good Mommy Award to you!

  4. Little handcrafts are so nice and quick, aren't they?

  5. re Homeschooling ...I came across this post that may interest you ?

    The knitting is lovely what a Gorgeous yarn ...bit tricky for me yet lol

  6. I just wanted to say thanks for such a sweet comment, you made my day!

  7. What a sweet sweater! And my best advice for creating support for homeschooling among relatives is to just let the evidence of happy, life learning children speak for itself. Some people will get it and there will be others that just never will. And now I want to go bake bread thanks to your banner. Yum! ;)



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