Thursday, February 3, 2011

A good morning, a giveaway winner, replies. to comments and a little blather about Homeschooling....oh my!

Good Morning!

 Some flowers from Susan that have brightened every day since she gave them to me!

First of all thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's Yarn Along post, I really do love getting everyone's comments. To me that is what blogging is all about; dialogue and the opportunity to take a little glimpse into the homes and hearts of other mothers and women who are writing passionately about the lives they are creating. Already in my limited time here in the blogging community I have become indebted to so many of you for sharing the incredible and inspiring lives you are living.  I just wish I knew you all even better.

If there was ever  a cure for "mean world syndrome" it would be to spend time reading up on all the blogs of you wonderful creative women.

In response to some of the comments, Yes, I am very much interested in pretty much anything I can get my hands on in regards to books or articles on homeschooling. This is something I could write about for hours I'm sure and sometimes I work myself into circles trying to make decisions for our schooling future. My daughter  is 4 now and will be starting kindergarten in the fall if we choose to go that way. Perhaps I`ll collect my thoughts a little more succinctly in the next day or two and put  up my musings to open the dialogue.

Also the winner of "Gretchen the groovy wood doll" is Becky K. Congrats Becky, consider it a belated birthday present for Olivia!

And for today, I am excited to be on top of my morning so far, headed out for some errands which mostly center around replenishing craft supplies and picking up some stuff for a fun art project on the baby boy's wall... oh yes there will be pictures to share of THAT! :)

Hope you all have a  WONDERFUL blessed day.... can you tell I'm just feeling the love today?
I hope you are too.



  1. Yay! We're so excited!!! Thanks, Ashley.

  2. The homeschooling decision was a very big one for us. For a long time I was too caught up in what others would think. One day , a good friend of mine who never forgets to remind me of who I am and where I came from, said "Sarah, what would you tell another mother who was struggling over any decision in regards to her children?" I said my usual "First of all, the fact that you are struggling says you are a great mom. You think about things and do not make decisions lightly. No decision made in love can be all bad. Secondly, listen to your heart. No one, not your mother, doctor, best friend, or random "expert" can tell you what is best for YOUR children." She replied, "Well then. I think you have your answer."
    No matter what you choose. it will be right. No choice is permanent either. What works this year may not work next. All you can do is take one day at a time and do the best with the info you have!
    Now that I have used up all your comment space, I will bid you Adieu! Sorry for the unasked for advice :)

  3. I totally agree with you on the whole blogging community, I have so enjoyed my little foray into it and have enjoyed getting to know different women and being encouraged in my own journey.

    And I look forward to your thoughts on homeschooling, I was homeschooled all my life and am very grateful for my parents' choice.



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