Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sloppy Sock Stocking.

What do you get with a pair of snip happy scissors,
A grotey old sweater
Delicious buttons
And a quiet hour and half?

A sloppy sock stocking!!!!!

Let me break it down for you:

First, take old sweater and lay it flat (inside out-not like it is here.)

Then trace a big old stocking onto butcher paper and lay it down on the sweater so the toe of the boot fits on the shoulder of the sweater, and the shaft of the boot fits on one half of the body of the sweater. Like so:

Then cut out the boot shape from the sweater. (make the cut of the toe a straight cut rather than rounded. You will round it when you sew it, but if your sweater has a chunky knit like this one did, it will unravel and be unwieldy if you cut it in a curve)

Now, you can make it all pretty and rounded once it has been sewn into a rounded shape. Trim off the excess corners.
(I sewed the whole thing by hand with a backstitch and then trimmed the leftover sock, then blanket stitched the whole seam.)

Stitch up the length of the body of the sweater starting at the heel of the boot (the collar of the old sweater) and go up the shaft of the boot with a backstitch and then blanket stitching all along the seam.

I left the lapel of the sweater free from the seam I stitched so I could fold it over my seam (once the stocking was  flipped right side out, it hung like a flap all along the shaft of the boot)

 Working with the stocking right side out now, I folded the flap over the seam along the shaft of the boot and basted it to the stocking (making sure not to go through both layers of the sock)

I flipped over the cuff of the sock (which would have been the bottom ribbing on the sweater) and sewed these buttons all down the flap on the shaft of the boot.)
Voila' a Sloppy sock stocking.
And guess what, you still have a whole half of a sweater left to make a second stocking for a friend. :)

Don't you just love "up-cycling"?


  1. What a cute idea Ashley! Have you moved yet? I hope everyone has been doing great! Hugs and love :)

  2. Amazing. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me...



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