Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Playing Hooky

Friday morning we were getting ready for school.
It looks a little like this:

...No mama, I want to wear this to School!!!!!

It's minus 20 you can't wear shorts

Where are your boots ? (what is it with us and Boots?)

I need to comb your hair

Can I have candy?

Jackson, No touch!

Mom did you pack me a snack?


Can I have candy for snack?

Jackson, Mommy says Ta Ta!

Mama, where are my boots?

Jackson climb down from there!

and on and on it goes :)

Well, we were almost getting our "poop in a group" as my friend Al, so delicately puts it, and a familiar red van pulled into our driveway.
I had completely forgotten today was a scheduled day for me to babysit for my friend H.
Her son, Ian has been coming to my home on the days she teaches (as a sub) for the last 4 years, so he's a pretty solid fixture at our house, although lately he's been in Kindergarten and hasn't come over as much.

"Ave," I turned to her as H, and Ian came up the walkway, "do you want to go to school or stay home and play with Ian?"

It was not a difficult choice.
Ava LOVES Ian. As evidenced by this conversation over lunch:

Ava: "Ian, what are you going to be when you grow up."
Ian (no hesitation whatsoever) "A denturist."

 ( I should insert here, that Ian's dad is a denturist)
Ava: "Oh,,,,, I'm going to be a mama"
Ian: "Of course you are, everybody gets to be a mom or a dad. Someday you'll be a mom and I'll be a dad."
Ava: "Hey Ian, maybe someday you could be the dad, and I could be the mom together!"
Ian: "ya, that could be a good idea."


So..... for the rest of the day when they weren't getting betrothed, our day looked pretty much like this:

Ian brought his apple crate full of wooden trains and tracks and we set up the sweetest train system of all time.  That's "Gold Thomas" on the tracks, he's all bling .

 Out to the backyard they went once we pried the screen door out of it's frozen tracks.

  We made gingerbread men, and angels and snowmen and trees and you name it; we made it.

 Of course they had to be decorated.

 This makes my teeth hurt just looking at them....

School Shmool... Staying Home Rules!

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