Thursday, December 2, 2010

How far I fell.

Here's how the Fall Resolutions stacked up in time for a new chalkboard for the Christmas Season.

Stick the Household Budget:  This was an awesome challenge! Especially because for the first time I was within the budget completely.
We wanted for nothing major and the things we did without... somehow didn't really matter as much as I thought they would.
And that's INCLUDING having christmas shopping done, buying a new van and hosting a weekend of 10 people at my house.

In the future, I think I would like to try using more hard cash for purchases and having the money allotted for each budgetary item in a jar. I can see the competition with oneself to have money left in those jars at the end of the month.
Mostly I find this is making me more content, more creative and strangely... more willing to get rid of stuff.

Read Childrens Lit: My two selections were James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl and Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia Maclachlan. Both of which I snagged for .25 at Sally Ann.

I did in fact finish 3 projects on the go. Details on the pillowcase apron I made for Ava Grace to follow and a link to the Sloppy Sock tutorial coming soon!

Plan fun- celebrate simple things: I think this is one of those ongoing things in my life that is more about the way I live, but I'm thinking the winter might be good season to really focus on doing this, having a cake with dinner just for the heck of it or putting up a banner cause it makes you feel happy.

Keep in touch. Christmas cards are almost ready to mail!

Commit to prayer: Along with my budgetary commitments this has been making a huge impact on me. Perhaps they really go hand in hand; letting go of my need for stuff and opening up to my need for Him. Each day has it's hard and precious moments but going through them more with His presence makes everything more peaceful, more joyful and just...more.

Write down the things my kids do and say. I keep losing all the little scraps of paper I jot things down on, but this blog has been somewhat of a net, catching little snippets.

Yesterday Jackson deliberately peed down the hallway  and pointed at the puddles saying, "ya? Mom? Ya?" and nodding, very pleased with himself.

Today Ava Grace sang me this "christmas song":

Jesus, went to a place called Bethelem.
I don't know where that is.
He ate Christmas cookies
and Had no clothes
And his mom put him in the manger.
He came out of her tummy from a special door
And he got presents
And angels
And cookies.


Surprise my Husband:

Among other things, he got 3 new dress shirts and a tie that were not included in Christmas Presents and I'm thinking maybe this is the year to start putting mistletoe around the house....perhaps over the shower????

(sorry, too much information)


Cut down on Sugar and Salt:
This is a constant battle, but one we are winning nonetheless. Bit by bit I have weeded sugar and a lot of sodium out of our:

Breakfast cereals
Staple foods.

It has meant a HUGE amount more work for me personally as I've chosen to use a lot less shortcuts in my cooking, but I think we are all adjusting and it's funny to me that sugar and salt are added to foods to boost the flavor, and I've been finding our food tastes MUCH better without it!
I've been doing much more "whole cooking" this last month. Roasting whole cuts of meat or a chicken and stretching it out over 2 to three days reincarnating it as I go. Again, this has boosted my creativity and makes me much more aware of what's in my pantry and fridge on hand. All in all, the kitchen commitments are making a big impact on more than just what we spend, or eat, but on how we live. The kitchen has always been the heart of our home, but no more so than ever.

And there is no going back.

On to the Importants of Advent.


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  1. Good for you! I think perhaps me and my family should do something similar with some goals/resolutions. With regards to the jar money, have you ever watched 'Til Debt Do Us Part'? Its a great show about finances, and the host, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, has a fabulous website on budgeting. Her whole thing is about cash and cash in jars. Rob and I try to stick to her budgeting style and we really like it.
    And thanks for the idea. I've been wondering where to hang my mistletoe this year...



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