Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The final countdown

It's a week until.... (drumroll)

we move!

(And Christmas is coming too, shall not forget that in all the busyness! I still have some crafty things to finish up for that!)

This morning I was thinking of a few things I'd like to post about this old girl before we say adios to her next Tuesday.
I thought of this little adventure we had a couple weeks ago in the living room with a cozy reading chair and a couple of blankets.

No, it wasn't story time....

.....It was a camping expedition.

How much fun it is to introduce the word "wigwam" to your child's vocabulary?
How much fun the word "wigwam" is!

It is also awesome when your children play "sleeping" for an hour...
That's a good hour.

I hope you are having happy adventures in your home this week, getting ready for the holidays.

How do you make your "living" room a living place?

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