Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Under the Weather.

Every few years every family I know seems to have a flu Christmas.
You know the ones where everybody throws up and has fevers and eats crackers and ginger ale instead of turkey?

That seems to be on the roster for the Winkels this year. We've been healthy since 2007 so I guess we're due.

Kevin came home sick yesterday afternoon much to my surprise and climbed straight into bed. The kids and I carried on with our day until 5:00 I could barely swallow for the sore throat I had.
We all headed to bed early, but were awakened in the middle of the night by a feverish baby who had the runs and a dry hacking cough.
Mama was chilled and aching all over, so Daddy manfully dealt with the diaper and we got the poor little tyke back down to sleep.
Fast forward to 5:45 am and both kids were on either side of me in the bed in only half their jammies crying while Kevin got dressed to go to the school to make plans for the substitute teacher who'd fill in for him (remember this my friends who think being a teacher is a cushy ride);
Ava Grace was moaning, "I can't swallow!!!!! I hurt...EVERYWHERE!"
Then she added, " Please let's pray to Jesus, we need his help!"


We prayed, He helped and we got through  today. We made it out to the doctors office and were given a prescription for penicillin that we really don't need and probably won't take.
We ate Chicken Noodle soup, watched Thomas the Tank Engine and I Cross Stitched.
We all napped.

I'm thinking we probably should've gotten our flu shots this year and right about now we'd have the energy to be stuffing the last boxes. We'd be making our lists and checking them twice.
Ah well, there's something cozy about all the cuddling on the couch we've been doing and there's something to be said for starting the holidays early and wearing pajamas all day... and man, that chicken soup was good.

Here's to looking on the bright side and wishing everyone else health for the holidays!

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  1. Interesting...2 days ago Miele came down with a fever and complained of sore eyes and head. 24 hours of laying around and sleeping and now she's back to her bouncy self.
    Last night Rilla woke up with crazy fever, delerium and sore head (plus lots of snot). She's still super tired and hot....and coughing in bed as I type this!
    Weird...always at Christmas!



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