Friday, September 24, 2010

Wating for this!

So, I'm here in Vancouver with no tight schedule, no responsiblities a moderate amount of money to burn, good friends, delicious food, the ocean and my soul mate to hold hands with down the rainy streets of interesting coffee houses and unique shops.

My babies are in Alberta with their Oma and Opa, my wonderful in laws. Two days into our little holiday, I'm not quite feeling the pangs of separation yet, I know that will come tomorrow so I'm glad I have the main event of our trip yet to look forward to, which will keep me distracted.

Indulge me.

My favorite band always has been HANSON that trio of long haired blonde boys who broke onto the music scene in 1997 with their hit MMMMBOp.
They were young teens... I was a young's been 13 years and these talented fellows keeps their fans coming back with the fantastic music they've been producing as an independent band all this time.

Back in 2008 Kevin and I were lucky enough to see them perform in Edmonton and enjoyed their live show so much that it was worth flying all the way to Vancouver for this time.

11 years ago, I got to meet some of the brothers. As a kid, Zac, the young drummer was my favorite, and here I got my chance to meet the man himself and Kev snapped this photo for me.

Don't you love how I look like a giddy 13 year old.... ya, that's right.

So, we're enjoying our trip immensely (which I'll post more of later when I get home) but for now...the best is yet to be :)

hope you get to enjoy the things you love today.

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  1. oh how i love you! miss you too. glad to hear you are having a fantastic time.



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