Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A friend for Ava

Once again we lucked out at the salvation army and for 20.75 came home with a pile of loot, and a pile of tattered rags that was once a raggedy Anne doll.

She cost 2.00 and is roughly the same height as Ava Grace, and Ava Grace loved her at first sight for all her shabbiness.

She she was coming home with us.

Of course it took all afternoon for this mama to spot clean, resew, restuff, stitch closed, wash and tumble dry and re-dress this poor sad dolly, but now she is a new creation and Ava Graces "Best friend ever ever ever mama!"

SOOOO worth it.

Stitching both legs and both arms back on.

stitching her head back together on both sides.

waiting for her to come out of the washing machine

The new and improved Raggedy Anne all dressed up in one of Ava's outgrown dresses

While I was stitching Anne back together:

Ava " Mama why did the kids who had her before not love her enough?"
me: why do you say that?
Ava "cause they let her be all broken and they didn't want her anymore"
Me: But you want her and you will love her and take good care of her right?
Ava" I will love her so much and now she's happy cause she will live in our house"

She had to be measured on the wall and according to Ava Grace "She's a little tall for her age"
She's really one of the family now :P


  1. Leah says : That makes me laugh, so cute, a little tall for her age? Where does she come up with that stuff? I love it. You are a great Mommy! I guess that's the difference between having boys and girls. I have trucks, cars, buses and all sorts of toys littering my floor, but you stitch up Raggedy Anne dolls for your daughter, because you know she will love it and play with it. Good for you! You inspire me!

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, the waiting in front of the dryer pic! It is a whole story in one picture!!! dear lovable "Little One!"



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