Tuesday, September 28, 2010


the best part of being away is coming home, don't you think?

I am a true homebody at heart. I got very homesick four days into the only real TRIP I've ever taken ( Hawaii last Christmas), I cried to come home on my second day of University and I kiss the ground almost every time we come home from trips anywhere with my children (perhaps those tales will be posted someday and you'll understand why). I told my sister recently how even on a trip, I enjoy being in someone's home with them rather than in a hotel. (Don't get me wrong sometimes hotels are divine like on our girls weekend back in August) but I love the comfort and familiarity of the feeling of home, even if it's not my own. Hospitality is such an important art and I was so blessed on our recent trip to Vancouver by the hospitality of our dear friends and brother and sister in Christ, Pete and Adele. I could spend the rest of this post just raving about the wonderful awesome people they are and how much gratitude I have for them and their friendship which blesses and encourages me, but I will just take the time to say how graciously they opened their home to us and did such a good job of even making the city of Vancouver feel like a welcoming place for us. I loved sharing the amazing meals with you guys, the evening glass of wine, the worship music jam session, the settlers (always the settlers) and of course the enriching conversations! Vancouver may be a great place to visit but we'd come back to see you even if you lived in ... northern saskatchewan or some other remote frozen place. :)

shopping with Adele on Granville Street

our spiffy new outerwear purchases

These men have been buds since grade 4, oh how they make me laugh! and their special friendship blesses those around them too :P

Our trip was also made awesome by the luxury of wandering around the city knowing our children were safe at home with their grandparents and we had no schedules or responsibilities. We must of walked a good 60 kilometers over the four days we were there, but we sat when we were tired (over an hour in some coffee shops doing crossword puzzles) we ate when we were hungry (and man, did we eat) and poked our heads into all sorts of little shops and just took in the views.

It was bliss plain and simple.

We saw everything we wanted to and never rushed once. We saw the aquarium and sat by the ocean, browsed farmers markets and went to the movies, and we ate

and ate

and ate

and ate

and ate

and after all this we went to the Hanson Concert and got rained on in line up with the fabulous Becky.

We walked with this terrific group of people and this terrific band barefoot for a mile down the streets of Vancouver in solidarity with the millions of people around the world who cannot afford the basic necessity of shoes. We raised money towards providing those shoes and other necessities and you can check the whole thing out here

then we lived through the world's longest concert wait and the two rather iffy opening bands

and finally got to see Hanson!!!! (sort of anyway)

but it was really all just part of an already awesome trip! I loved every minute of it, but was so giddy to get home to my babies and be in my home again. I really couldn't wait to cook in my kitchen and hang clothes to dry on the clothesline and read to my kids. Being in the excitement of the city was nice for a change of pace but it also did what a good vacation should... remind you why you chose the life you have, why I became a parent at this age and stage of life and why settled in the country away from the lights and action or vice versa.

I'm so thankful for the trip we got to have together, as a couple and with our great friends old and new ( it was pretty funny how many connections we made with fans during the lineup outside the concert ) but I am so thankful for my home and my homemade life too.


  1. sorry, you can check the whole thing out at www.takethewalk.net

  2. I love Vancouver. I was born there and my Dad was raised in Richmond and we have lots of family there. Lots of special memories in that city.
    But, yes, one of the best parts about being away is coming home. =)



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