Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Talk is Cheap

So, those closest to me will know that ever since I was pregnant with Ava Grace, I talked about cloth diapers and my desire to at least TRY them.
Of course when I was pregnant with Ava we didn't have the 400-500 dollars we would've needed to get started so we didn't.
Then after baby number two, because of his expensive formula needs we've felt the pinch in the diaper department and I found myself once again wishing I'd done cloth for a bunch of different reasons...
The idea of them is just so, natural and domestic and "sustainable" not to mention frugal. So I had said to my husband a few weeks ago, that even at this late in the diapering game with Jackson, if I came across some thrifted diapers at a decent price I'd go for it.

well, guess what, I now have 24 cloth diapers sitting next to the laundry machine. I finally put my money where my mouth was, to the tune of 10.00 for the lot of them, and now I am about to jump into the unknown world of eco diapering....

Also, putting my words into action... this week I FINALLY made the rhubarb pies I said I would make LAST week. And THEY WERE DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My homemade pie crust was also DELICIOUS and I did a little dance for their beauty and smell when they came out of the oven and said to Kevin "Quick someone has to come over for pie and coffee tonight!" so we shared lovely pie with lovely friends and had lovely good times all around....

Hope you get around to something you've been saying for a while,


  1. Good luck Ashley with the cloth diapers! We love ours :)

  2. you're so great! Let me know how the cloth diapering goes. I flaked on both girls...had the diapers, but the girls didn't exactly have the slimmest thighs. Needless to say, both girls' faces went white at the sight of cloth and their legs lost all circulation at the thought. oh well...

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I used cloth diapers for Kilmeny for 8 months(she's grown out of them now) and loved it! I still cringe a little every time I have to buy diapers now...



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