Monday, September 20, 2010

These Moments

These really cant count as the Friday ritual of a single moment with no captions or explanations ( cause these all have captions and there's more than one of them and this is isn't friday) but here are the moments we captured of Ava's first week of preschool... (I can't imagine the sobbing mess I'll be when she joins kindergarten next year, seeing her as such a grown up girl already fills me with bittersweet joy that makes me ache and sigh.)

She was such a pro at the whole business, excited to go and waiting for me out in the van while I was still getting my shoes on.
Of course she loves her Teacher, and told me the first day that the other kids were still shy but she's been talking to them anyways and of course she had to give me the full run of who has what Disney characters on their snack bags. (she was not able to give me any concrete information about what she actually DID at school)

Ah, you're such a star God bless you baby!

ps. Isn't that coat and hat ensemble fabulous? (thanks Oma!)

1 comment:

  1. What a big girl she is that Ava Grace. We love her sooooo much. All the best with preschool AG. So glad you are going!! Love Oma



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