Saturday, June 19, 2010

A perfect day

Oh my gosh, I love summer.

Kev and I were talking about how the last two summers for us have been especially busy and a little overwhelming, and how this summer is now stretching before us with all it's delicious possibilities.
Today was a day for good old fashioned fun.

We're goin to tha fair!

Pioneer Days has rolled into town and with it comes the fair complete with midway and sketchy carnies and mmmmmmmmm mini donuts (which is why I really go).

We slathered up our kids in sunscreen and cut some watermelon for the road and walked to the fairgrounds. We paid way too much for some ride tickets and told Ava that she could pick three rides because she's three. Poor Ava. The rides she picked looked harmless until she was strapped in them and twice Kev and I had to ask the Carnie to cut the ride short cause she looked so miserable and was on the verge of tears calling from her seat to "stop! Please make it stop" Of course she said it was the most fun ever after she was out of the ride and back on the pavement.
Third time was a charm and she opted for a little truck carousel that moved very slowly and the whole way around she kept saying "this is not so bad, this is not so bad"
After that came the mini donuts and adding to that a face painted like a cat a paper plate tambourine at the community craft table (which I filled with gorgeous wooden beads because I know I'll get the chance to use them when the tambourine loses it's cool factor) and an orange balloon... we left the fair tired but happy.

Hot sticky by the time we got home, we filled up the kiddy pool and jumped in and out of it and roasted some hotdogs on our fire pit on coat hangars turned hot dog skewers after lending out our brand new fancy sticks. All my life I have roasted hot dogs on these makeshift skewers which baffled my camping savvy husband, but I think he was a little impressed when I magically twisted the hanger into a decent hot stick with no pliers and really only a small effort. You have to stand a little closer to the fire, but hey they do the trick.

All in all it was a lovely productive and lazy all at the same time glorious summer day, and I can't wait for many many more... summer this year you are MINE!

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  1. This sounds like such a lovely day! It must be lovely having Kevin home for the summer months :)



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