Thursday, June 24, 2010

13 going on 30

Yesterday my sister said to me that turning 25 would put me in "limbo" on my way to my late twenties in a march toward being 30.
Today I turn 25

I've always been described by myself and others as "an old soul",so for me each year I feel like I am only catching up to myself in how I feel on the inside. All my life I have been in situations where for one reason or another I've felt like I needed to apologize for my age and tried to explain why my life is at the stage it is. Most people are surprised when they find out I'm a mother of two, a wife for 5 years now, and have accomplished many of the things I have. I've always dealt with people reacting when they find out I'm only 19 or 22 or 24 by saying "well, I'm an old soul".

I always have been, and I've always been comfortable with it. In fact, I've always looked at turning 30 as "arriving". Arriving at that point of graceful maturity where no one will question my youth or inexperience, my ideas or my maturity. 30 seems to be the age when the world starts to take you seriously, and although I don't think anyone should take themeselves too seriously, I think being 30 makes you a little more legit in everyone's eyes.
So I say bring on the years to come, in my experience so far, each one keeps getting better than the last!

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  1. I can totally relate! Though I haven't been called an "old soul" I have always been called "mature for my age". And I also feel like I have to apologize for my age when people learn I'm married (by 20), graduated university (by 21), and a mother of 2 (by 24). I turn 25 this September and I'm looking forward to it; I see it as "coming into my own".



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