Friday, June 18, 2010

Haha, this blogging thing takes a little getting used to!

Okay, so I never claimed to be too computer savvy, but here's another post for today on some timeless simple things for Father's day.

1. breakfast breakfast breakfast
Last year we bought my husband a waffle maker because he LOVES waffles so much. Too bad he doesn't LOVE making them with the waffle maker. So we make a HUGE batch for him for the freezer and he's happy for the next few weeks (and we top them off deliciously on Sunday morning for Breakfast in bed)

2.Giant Cards. This year I got little one's more involved with decorating a great big card for daddy. Even little Bear got in there scribbling and putting stickers on.

3. Put on a talent show. this is a new idea so we'll see how it pans out. I'm videotaping the kids doing special things for their daddy and if I can get them to put it on as a show for daddy in the living room great, if not... the video is there for good.

4. Daddy coupons. Every year I make some of these for Kev for different things he likes or wants. Such as "I'll watch the kids and you go out for a guys night" or "Pick whatever you want for supper" etc.

5. Usually we get him something he needs : This year it's a new pair of soccer shorts.

Minus the cost of the soccer shorts, this all costs ZILCH and it's all TOTALLY from the heart.

Happy Father's Day

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