Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crafts of the Rainbow Kind....

When rainy days hit in the middle of otherwise unmarred weeks of warm sunny weather, when Daddy is away working on a project for a long day or all the other regular summertime pastimes have lost their novelty... what do you do?

Pull out an activity inspired from one of my favorite fellow bloggers. Ginny over at Small Things is always coming up with neat stuff with her kids and this particular craft is from a book I've also picked up several times from the library and planned to do many of the projects from it's pages, Emma Hardy's Green Crafts For Children. (I used this book to create Clothespin Dolls back in January)

Here's how our take on Eggshell mosaics went down:

Taking it one step further I decided we would use the shell chips to decorate some little wooden picture frames.

The kids had so much fun, even baby had so much fun breaking up the colored eggshells and pressing them down into the glue.

It wasn't actually as messy as I'd feared it being with a 2 year old either....

Ava Grace really took to it, creating a detailed pattern with the small pieces

The thing about this project I think I liked the best was what Ginny also mentioned she enjoyed; being able to set up for the project over several days and including the kids. We collected all the eggshells, soaked them, cleaned them off, dyed them, dried them, smashed them and glued them. Although at the dying stage we did get a few odd looks from my sister and brother in law as to why we had jars of eggshells in pots of color set out on the countertop.


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