Tuesday, July 26, 2011

--In Case You Lack Inspiration??-- {Yarn Along}

It's been a while since I've had anything to post for Yarn Along hosted and inspired by 
Ginny from Small Things; the opportunity to share what I've been crocheting and reading this week.

Well, more reading than crocheting has been going on, that's for sure. I've been enjoying Francisco Golman's "Say Her Name" the beautiful memoir/novel he wrote as a memorial for his young wife who passed away tragically after only being together for four short years. It's beautifully written and a moving tribute to someone so vibrant. It's a love story unlike any I've ever read, not because the story itself is so abnormal, but because it is told so honestly and painstakingly;it pours over every detail of a life together, that four short years, really do fill the breadth of several hundreds of pages. It's really lovely.

And as far as the crocheting goes...well, I've started again, that's really the main thing.

The pillow covers I gave up on and unraveled a few months ago seem to be beckoning me to try them out again...and as some of the other major projects around here that we've had on the go begin to wind down, I find myself with a few quiet hours here and there.

It's funny how the summer just forces everything into a more leisurely pace, and a lot of projects just fall by the wayside. Once out of the habit it can seem a bit daunting to pick back up my needles and yarn and dive into something new. But in an effort to inspire me to start a new project, my brother in law jokingly sent me this photo and I think I probably laughed for a good half hour, tears pouring down my face and aching in my sides. I hope it makes you smile too, or shake your head...honestly what on earth?????? I can't look at it without busting out laughing....and maybe feeling just a little afraid.

There are just so many things about this that I don't understand....even the pie...????


  1. that picture is like something straight out of a nightmare, it scares me.

  2. Holy Horse!

    I've seen those things on Ravelry, but....Holy Horse!

  3. Aaaaagh! That's horrifying!

  4. Now that is bizarre. Funny & scary all in one.

  5. The photo may just give me nightmares... that's hideous!

  6. That is straight up TERRIFYING!!! And the pie adds a definite touch of...something....



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