Monday, July 25, 2011

"I heart Cetaceans"

That's what he wanted his T-shirt to say.

My husband has a deep and abiding love for marine mammals, partly because he thinks they are so amazing and and partly because he thinks they are so terrifying.

The scene on Finding Nemo when the whale swallows Marlin and Dorey completely freaks him out.

But he was absolutely psyched to go on a whale watching Catamaran off the coast of Oahu when we visited the Christmas of 2009.

Unfortunately he became violently sea sick and spent most of the 5 hour boat ride with his head over the side of the boat puking into the ocean.

It was miserable. He was literally green and our kind boat runner tried to position the boat so he could weakly raise his head from the side of the boat and glimpse the amazing Humpback whales as they breached the water and slapped their fins in an amazing display off the coast of Wainai. It was incredible.

I know I certainly fell in love with those creatures that day, even if my poor husband was barely aware of their presence.

Which leads me to this video I found online today.
So help me, it moved me in such a deep way that I blubbered while watching it like a baby. I was completely overwhelmed by the efforts of these people to free the entangled humpback whale they came across in the sea of Cortez.

I live a long long long way from the ocean and so it seems a little funny to me that in my land-locked prairie living room during a heat wave that I should be spellbound watching a whale on line and crying over it...but that's how it went down.

We get only bad news so often (and believe me I have heard some BAD news this week. As we all have I'm sure) but a story like this somehow got into my heart and encouraged me in a real way, so I hope it does the same for you.


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