Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Yarn Along Tale.. a moment of contemplation

My confession this week is that I really haven`t been doing too much reading or crocheting.
Instead I've been focusing on my sewing room (I've relocated it and now it is one hot mamajama place to be!...and yes, I will share it here soon) and whittling away at my tremendous pile of mending/repurposing (as seen HERE).

Yes, I know some of you have seen this yarn a million times now... cheer me on for finishing it FINALLY so I get something new!!!!!!!!!

I figured pretty early on last week that any crocheting that was gonna get done was gonna be done on the fly...(a.k.a. in the van). So it's been sitting at my feet in my messy mom van all week (when I'm on the passenger side, don't worry it's not been distracting me whilst behind the wheel... My two kids do a good job of that already.)

On Friday night we made a VERY rare trip into the city to the mall and after we had wandered around it like total country bumpkins with our mouths hanging open at all the sights and sounds, we stopped off at the grocery store before heading home.

No really. We kept looking in all the store windows and pointing and ooh and aahhing and giggling like small children ( our kids were pretty excited too, but they come by it honestly being actually under the age of five... we have no excuse). Kevin turned to me and exclaimed with a big happy smile. "WOW! I can't believe we haven't been to a mall in SOOOO long! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!" 

But I know what you are all thinking... "Gosh, that is sooooo sad."

Anyway... that was a tangent....

While Kevin and the daughter ran into the grocery store I stayed with baby boy in the van and he happily drank a cup of milk while I got a few rows of a "hat for Japan" done. (actually more than a few rows, I was amazed when we got home to find that in the 20 minute drive I had all but completed it).

The rain pattered on the vehicle's windows and the soft strains of instrumental music was playing on the radio. I was toasty and happy and took the moment to really stop and pay attention to all that made me feel so full of peace and gratitude.

There was the big picture stuff such as healthy kids, a happy marriage, a roof over our heads (and a nice one at that) food in our tummies and love in our hearts

But there were also the little things that can slip by without being noticed if we're not too careful:

My baby was content and happy; singing to himself between sips of milk.

Tomorrow was a Saturday full of possibilities and free of obligations

I had remembered to bring my yarn with me and it was soft and soothing in my hands

All felt right with the world and as I whispered a little prayer of thanks for all these things and more, I turned that prayer in to one of blessing for whomever it was that needed the small hat being woven in my hands.

Bless the head that needs this, Lord, that it also would have a roof over it, that they would have health and warmth, and happiness again.

And the prayer grew larger still...

Bless, Lord the hearts of those who've lost so much recently in the waves of natural destruction. Bless the work of their hands as they rebuild, bless the work of their hearts as they recover, that their days would again be full of possibilities and that you would see and wipe their tears.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them again I was quick to wipe away my own small tears at the sight of my happy daughter and husband splashing toward the van, their arms full of good things, including bright pink flowers that they felt I needed to have.

I had and have everything I need and more....

So, that is my story for this week's yarn along. I have, since friday completed little else and have spent more time inside my own mind than in the pages of someone else's.

Sometimes that's a good place to be. Just like a passenger side seat in a minivan on a Friday evening in the rain.....

Have a wonderful day, and don't forget to check back at Small Things to see what Ginny and all the other talented ladies out there have been reading and stitching up!


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