Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome to the New Space!

Good morning!

There's been just a little craziness around here the last few days; thank you all for your kind wishes for my ear to feel better! I did end up having to go to the Emergency Dept. in the middle of the night on Wednesday for some antibiotics and some serious pain meds.
Although I'm a little better with the pain, my hearing hasn't returned and is going in the right ear now, so I have to turn to people with that ear to try and hear them and of course I've got a lovely set of other symptoms that are now clogging up and running out of my head.... a cold in June is perhaps one of the most tragic things.

Of course it rained here all week and we had cold-front tornado warnings all day yesterday, but somewhere in there were some sunny breaks and I found the time to bask in them whenever I could... mind you I did have a pretty productive day yesterday, I met a new neighbor, checked out a slew of new books from the library and underneath thundering clouds that REALLY impeded my ability to hear, I slopped through the mud with both the kids for veggies from the Farmer's Market.

I got home, felt very hard-core and then sat down because my inner ears are full of fluid and I have trouble standing up straight....

Somewhere in all of this I made it over to my amazing brother in law's house and he finished up some amazing stuff on a blog design he did up for me?

But tell me honestly now, what do you think? I will guide you through how all of it works to level out the confusions you might have, but I need to know if the design is attractive or too cluttered? Busy? Legible? Easy to Navigate? Too much? Not enough? Please, help me out... I gotta know and now's the time.

So for starters you will note that there is now a moving header full of categories and I will break down what each of those means.

The First is the "About Me" page titled "the Domestic Dilletante"  A Dilletante is a person who takes more than a passing interest in something but is not quite a professional. When it comes to the pursuits and experiments I try around my home and craft table... I felt like that word pretty much summed up me. So in the next few days that little page will change some but it's there if anyone wants to read up on the old introduction to this blog and get a feel for what I endeavor to do here.

Next is the Main Page. that's the page you are reading on right now. It is where all the latest posts will appear and where the site will take you too automatically when you come to visit. It's the only familiar photograph... the bread had to stay. :)

The next page is "HOME" and is a bank for all the posts I've down that center on themes from around the House, kitchen or garden. If you are looking for something in one of those categories you will find it there.

After that we have the Tutorials Page which has been re-named "MADE". While it's still in it's crudest form, it will be taking on some new design in the near future, but for now, it is the place to find and click on all (or most anyway) of the tutorials I've done here.

This is followed by "LIFE" and this is where you will find all the posts on everything from Friday Moments to Parenting Thoughts, Musings, Humor and Homeschooling. I'd love for it to be organized into those categories further again, in the future, but for now it's organized into everything that falls into the label of everyday "life".

lastly you will find a bank of all the Yarn Along posts to date, so for you stitching and reading enthusiasts, they are all there and you can read back through them any time you like. :)

On the side bar you will still see my smiling face, so you know you're in the right place and there is now a search box at the top of the side bar so you can look for certain posts and not even have to sift through all the categories to find just what you're looking for.

There is an archive you can pull down to search for something from the good old days  and of course a little box showing all the smiling faces of the faithful few who make running this blog such a joy.

Also, Knit for Japan is still going on and you can click on that button to take you where you need to be to get all the details and get in on the action!

That is all for now, I hope everyone made it over here safely. Later today I will be moving to a new domain name but you will be directed there automatically so don't sweat. Also, I can spill the beans and tell you now, that the new domain name will simply be So only the (blogspot) part is missing.

Anyway, moving days are always exhausting and that's when I'm healthy.

Please leave a comment to tell my brother in law, Emil, how awesome he is.... cause he really is and I know he would love that.

and I will be back here later today to post the second giveaway!!!!

Have a great day!


  1. Looks good, Ashley! (good job Emil)
    My only comment might be that the white text for the header categories is a little hard to make out, but that's certainly not the end of the world :)

  2. Becky, this is the feedback I have gotten from a couple people now... I think I agree. Thanks!

  3. Hey Ashley - love the sliding menu at the top! So unique amongst the zillions of blogs out there.

    I agree on the white text - you could add an opaque layer over the photos with dark text instead, or even a simpler non-scripted font would help. Just my .02 :)



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