Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday's Give-away ( A little late)

Hello friends,
I hate to say it but I have been really really ill these past few days. I've had small windows of vibrancy and in them, I have packed in visiting with friends and trying to do something about the laundry pile that has taken on a life of its own. Yesterday, I actually mopped my kitchen floor (foolish me, it had orange juice spilled all over it, hours later) and now it has not been re-mopped so my socks are sticking to it in different spots as I shuffle around the house like an old crone.

I was told the other night at the hospital that I have a severe ear infection and that it is affecting my nose and throat as well as setting off an immune response in my body that includes achy joints, tired limbs, and even cold sores...
Add to this, that my inner ear balance is NOT great and you will find me leaning against the walls or even the magazine display in line for the till at Walmart, as I had to go and pick up SOMETHING for my husband for father's day tomorrow (poor man).

Believe me, this is NOT how I usually like to do things.

Anyway, all of this is rolling up to be my effort at a great big excuse for not getting the last posts of this week down.
Yes, there is a giveaway that is for yesterday/ today and remember you can enter in any of the give-aways until next thursday, so you have lots of time.

On that note, when I switched my blog to the new template I lost any of the comments on posts that were under my "Intense Debate" account.  I will refrain from setting up a new account for comments until after Thursday so that no new issues arise, but I want you to know for the record that the comments that were previously on Thursday's give-away post were written down on looseleaf sitting next to my computer and they are numbered 1-4 so this won't screw up the draw for giveaways.

Without further ado, cause this lady is about to go take another Tylenol 3 and climb back into bed, here is the give-away for today!

I hand stitched this little lady for one of you on cotton canvas using wool felt, vintage fabric and buttons.
In some ways I think she is a little bit of me, in my excitement an pride at coaxing something beautiful up from the ground this year from tiny seeds. ( I do indeed, have a bright red watering can just like this :)

Anyway, she is for you to enjoy if you so wish, and leave a comment below if you'd like to enter the draw. Remember you have until Wednesday at midnight (mountain standard time).

Awesome, well have a lovely day... hopefully it is a healthier one than mine!


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