Monday, June 6, 2011

An Update on the Floor.

So, some of you may recall I posted a week or so ago about the dastardly plans I dreamed about sanding and painting my wooden floor. Some of you will never forget because you had a heart attack....sorry Karen, Leah and Oma....

So, with a bit more research, some advice from some of you, and a healthy dose of reality... I've decided that isn't the best course of action.

And then I found the scratches on the floor over by the fridge....
 the scratches I started chipping away at. But my camera doesn't zoom enough to show you the wood grain beneath them


I began to chip little bits of the old finish away and found to my relief and joy that there is WOOD GRAIN in the wood underneath the finish.

So this means that sanding and staining  is possible and it's a whole new ball game of doable and feasible.

When this will happen, I have no idea... but when it does I'm hoping it will look something like this bootlegged photo from Country Living magazine. (the February All-white issue that pretty much fuels my madness on a daily basis... actually that whole publication makes me crazy )

note the darker smokier tones to the wood.... and yes, I think Rosy is right her dining table is lovely painted white.

Anyway, as I said last week, the flooring community is a passionate one and I was surprised at the voracity of it's voice and opinions on the humble hardwood of my domicile. Thanks so much for all your encouragement and sage wisdom. I will keep you posted on the progress of these planks and the pains we take to make them lovely.

I hope your day is lovely and without any pains.


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