Friday, June 24, 2011

The Next Morning....

After yesterday's emotional posting I received such beautiful words in return from some of you and I must say how much I appreciated them and how much they blessed me. I wasn't able to read any of them with dry eyes that's for sure...and my eyes had some very non-dry moments the last few days. But joy does come in the morning and I awoke on my birthday this morning feeling refreshed and full of a peace that I will receive as its own special gift as I head into this next year of life.

I thought perhaps I would celebrate this birthday with all of you on a personal note of another kind today, I thought I might list 10 new things about myself that you may not know or even care to know... but here goes :)

1. For some reason I have been bitten by the need to create the perfect cream puff. I've been at it for a few months now, tweaking batch after batch and offering up apologies to go with them every time I pass around the plate to guests.

2. I am a collector of old books. The two oldest books in my collection are from 1912 and 1918, and the most unique book in my collection is a circuit preachers Sermon Book from the 1920s that I found in a church basement in Manitoba.

3. I learned how to knit as a little girl using two ball point pens

4. I refuse to eat bananas....baked yes, but even then I am picky.

5. If I could go anywhere in the world it would be to Italy. I'd go with Kevin and we'd ride retro bicycles with large baskets on the front through Tuscany. We'd stay at little Italian Farms and eat the most amazing food.

6. I would have 3 chickens if my Bylaws allowed it. I'd build a run and coop for them on the side of my house (I have plans and sketches drawn) I would name them Monopoly, Twister and Scrabble.

7. One of the best compliments I ever received was from the director of a musical I was in. He told me that my voice had a "Julie Andrews quality to it"...well alright then.

8.I have always dreamed of playing Maria VonTrapp on the stage....always.

9. I have tried to become a shoe girl several times...but the truth is I wear only two to three pairs of shoes. One pair of boots in the winter, one pair of flip flops in the summer and a pair of converse sneakers when it rains.

10. My personal goals for this year are to put together a first draft of my memoir so far,do at least 3 paintings, exercise three times a week, eat as much local food as possible, paint my house, start an Etsy shop and get published in Rythym of the Home.

well, enjoy your weekend everyone! The Summer has started here today officially as it is my husbands last day of school and he is off for the next two months. My tomato plants are ENORMOUS already and last week's rains have turned everything into a verdant jungle waiting to be explored.

Cheers! and welcome to the latest followers... I can't believe we're at more than forty followers...that really blows my mind and was like a little birthday present of an ego-boost when I signed in here this morning!


  1. I am sorry for your grief. I am in awe that you can write it down so eloquently. Thank you for doing so. And thank you for sharing your charming endearing thoughts on yourself!

  2. Happy Birthday my little Sweet Heart , I hope and pray you have a wonderful day today and everyday, Big Hugs and cuddles today from everyone here Love you!!!

  3. I say "Happy Birthday!" Another time to stash away some very precious memories for both you & your family. I remember when you arrived!...I loved you then, & I love you now!! Hugs from this Auntie too!

  4. Fabulous list and all new to me!
    Happy birthday my bloggy friend!

  5. I wear converse sneakers when it rains too.




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