Monday, June 27, 2011

A Morning at the Market

Thank You to everyone for your well wishes and words of encouragement on my birthday last week. I truly did have a special birthday this year... epic even.

On Saturday morning I found myself heading into the city with my sister and her kids to check out the Farmers Market. She visits every weekend for those things not available at the local market during the week in either of our small towns.

I had been to the market before with my own little family (I will have to remind myself sometime to tell you the story of the fish that we hid in the bushes...) and it was a lovely excursion but those were before my days of thinking so much more about the importance of such a market and the importance of the food available there and the people who stand behind their stalls and before what they sell...suddenly the market meant so much more. What I'd really love to do, is have the time to chat with all those delightful people, the eccentric couple with their long gray hair, beads and embroidered vests selling organic tea compounds, the elk and beef farmer who proudly wears a cap that reads "We LOVE grandpa Jim", the boisterous Asian family that has found a living making Italian pestos and hand cut pasta that is to die for, and the sweet elderly lady who is only visible behind her enormous flower displays because of her full length sunflower apron...she was adorable.

I wanted their stories and their portraits and perhaps someday I'll make it back there to do just that... but for now all I have are these photos to help evoke all the sights sounds and smells of a morning at the market.

So many little time.

These are all different kinds of homemade mustard....mustard!

The flowers were just like gorgeous rainbows...and the veggies were just as colorful as the flowers!

And what did I spend my hard earned money on at this feast of bounty? 

...These two identical twins rocking out on the violin. :)


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