Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yarn Along

I know last Wednesday I made a lofty promise about sharing some of my thoughts and feelings on all the Montessori research I was doing, and that I would have pillow covers to share. Alas, my brain reached a point of information saturation on the whole Montessori thing, and it's taking it's time to sort it all out before it can make coherent thoughts and the pillows... well the pillows just didn't get finished.

I worked on one all week, but in all my thinking, pondering, reading and imagining, I lost focus of the work in my hands. When I looked down at the mess of yarn in my lap, I realized I had lost and then gained stitches all over the place so that my supposedly rectangular pillowcase looked more like a giant yarn Kotex.

Out go the stitches and back to the beginning we go....

Also, I got a sewing machine this week....so it's kind of been trumping the crochet hook for quality time spent with Ashley, and perhaps the crochet hook in her fit of jealous rage, grew a mind of her own and is working to thwart the making of the pillow cases, who really knows?

Anyway, here's the half finished pillowcase sitting underneath the real thing worth talking about-- my reading this week.

As if Montessori wasn't a heavy enough load for my cerebral cortex, this week I've picked up a book that goes straight to the heart and soul of our whole existence--our food.

Yes, I've cracked the cover of the tome that has been making it's way into the hands of so many of us homesteaders at heart; I'm reading Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal Vegetable Miracle"  Now I too, must join the throng of humans that  are taking a long hard look at what we consume.

In just the first few chapters I have devoured (no pun intended), I can already tell this book holds the potential to shake a few of my foundations, inspire a whole lot of passion and make me crazy over the ways in which I find myself changing so fast sometimes I hardly recognize myself .

This book is sobering, moving, humorous and informative and lead me to open a conversation at Sunday family dinner with, "I've been learning some amazing facts about asparagus this week...."

(yes, my brother in law met the silence that ensued with his imitation of a cricket sound)

It was quite the opener...but this book is quite the eye opener too, and as I tread into the strange new territory of food information, a revolution feels on the brink, because after all, if we are what we eat, then a whole change of self can surely be sparked by the inspiration of what one may choose to put on one's table.

food for thought.

To see more of what others have been reading or stitching up this week, check the growing list at Small Things started by Ginny.

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