Thursday, March 31, 2011

So Sew Much!

So So much I am thankful for my new sewing machine!

I have been to one class now on "Sewing Machine Orientation" which could more aptly be titled "Absolutely Everything About Sewing, Fabric, Needles, Bobbins and Machines That Any One Person Could Ever Hope to Know or Retain in Two and Half Hours".
I'm reeling slightly but I'm moving forward on a pretty confident foot now too.

My instructor made the observation that most people learn to sew from someone else who already knows how but doesn't necessarily know why. The other ladies in my class (who've all been sewing longer than I've been drawing breath) all chuckled and agreed. Handling a machine is like some ancient set of rites handed down from the wise women of the last generation, all mysterious and ritualistic. The bobbin is threaded this way exactly but the only reasoning given is that that's just the way it's always been done.

Instead, I have been imprinted with the intimate knowledge of bobbins, casings, windings and every trouble-shooting solution that could possibly arise.

I am the ultimate inexperienced expert.

Let's just hope I'm a fast learner and catch up with all the expertise I've been given.
And how do we gain experience?  That's right, we practice, practice, practice.

This I can do.

I thought it fitting for my first project to do up the little apron my sister V has been asking for since November.
Lucky girl get's the first project, but unluckily she has to put up with my amateur sewing.

Anyway, sink or swim here's how it went (and Nessie, here's your preview, I hope you aren't dissapointed!)

 sorry for the lack of descriptions for each picture, but I think you get the idea, any questions or desire for a tutorial? Just let me know in the comments below and I will make it happen!

Have a so so sew wonderful day!

For other sewing projects and inspirations check out all the talented ladies from the Sewing Bee at Julia's Happiness Comes

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