Thursday, March 24, 2011

Plum Tuckered Out

 I'm beat but at least at the end of the day there are cookies.

....and somehow a lot of healing can come from cookies...

especially when they are enjoyed chewy and still-warm during twilight and the house is quiet....
(It's an absolute pig sty... but at least it's quiet.)

Today was one of those red-letter days that happen exactly when one's husband also needs to work a very late day and begins with two small children screaming in your ears as they kick each other and you, having climbed into your bed, nearly pushing you out of it before 7 a.m.

Oh yes, it was one of those...and perhaps it'll show up more on Friday when I have the perspective to laugh at all of it. Bad days usually turn into the best stories actually, but right now... I'm focusing on the cookies that just came out of the oven and the nightly ritual of posting here on this humble little blog space about something that truly makes me happy.

Today's happy comes in the form of sewing, and it's only fitting because it gives me the opportunity to play along with The Sewing Bee started by Julia from happiness comes.

It's a simple project this week to be sure, but part of what's getting me through this long week of Daddy working late, is the knowledge that Friday is a day off and that means it's a day off for ME!!!! and that day off is going to be spent picking up a new sewing machine and perhaps learning some new skills with Mama Jan!!!!!!!!

See, cookies... sewing machines... quiet house... things to look forward too.... and a project to share... it's like I can FEEL my soul reviving!!!!

Last week, I took my first baby steps on a sewing machine and made a straightforward blanket for Ava Grace. But what's cool about this blanket is that it was also my blanket when I was her age.

For posterity and history:

(yes, that's me, aren't I a button?)

This "Holly Hobby" bed spread was mine as a very little girl. (my sister and I had a matching set). And I pulled it out about 6 months ago when I found it packed away and we threw it on Ave's bed for a change-up. She immediately fell in love with it, which made this mother so very glad.

(The old bedroom...)

At some point after unpacking the bedspread after moving here, the whole bed skirt just kinda fell off and I figured it was time to re-purpose the whole thing rather than try to put all back together.

It spent a few weeks blocking out the light from her windows before we got curtains properly, and then it was tacked up to the wall rather ship shod before I decided, "let's turn the old girl into a blanket".

I re-purposed a little green fleece blanket Ava also already owned and cut the two pieces to fit each other. 

I sewed them right sides together, flipped the whole thing right side out like a giant pillow case, top stitched it closed,  then went around the whole perimeter again with a top stitch to finish it.

I plan on doing some hand quilting to the top of it, but for now it's keeping a very happy little girl very snug and warm during naps, bedtimes, morning cuddles and reading times,and quiet times.
I am so very happy to see it used and loved for another generation and maybe in this form it'll last even longer.

Now, I need to actually sew/make something for my little guy, it's about time Mama did a project for him, what do you think?

I have, after all, forgiven him by now for the beastly day we had today....

have a great day!

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