Monday, March 28, 2011

Op De Lezingsplank --an update.

 ("Op De Lezingsplank" means "reading shelf" in dutch. My husband's family is dutch and my children are dutch... and I like to pretend that I am too... and also, who couldn't love a word like "lezingsplank", honestly?)

 First off,
Thank you so much to everyone who shared their wishes and prayers for my kids and family to get well soon. We are doing well  and I won't share how well, cause I'm afraid I might jinx it. I'll just say there's been  no foulness in over 24 hours.... phew.

Also, for those of you who regularly follow this humble little space, (thank you, honestly. I love to know you are reading and enjoying) you may notice some little changes here and there. There may be many more to come in the next little while so I'll keep everyone updated and hopefully the changes will make this sight a little more fun, a little more lovely and still easy for you to know where everything is.

 You may notice I've added an Amazon reading list to both the side par and the top navigation bar. In the top bar link you will find Children's books and in the side bar you will find the books that are intriguing us right now. (and by us, I mean mostly me... cause my husband doesn't read books about sewing.)

The way it works is this: If you are looking to buy a  book through Amazon (which I usually do if I can't find it second-hand locally, I'll buy it second hand there), click on the book from the reading list that you are interested in and if you do indeed purchase it through the link in the sidebar, yours truly get's a few pennies. (literally)

But it's not really about the money (honestly, I may never see a single penny and that's okay). I just LOVE books, sharing the books I love, and  having a reading list is pretty par for the course with a lot of blogs out there. My brother in law E, suggested I try it, to gain the experience of having an outside contract on my blog (a form of monetization) and although I'm not planning to emblazon this space with all kinds of ads, this seemed like a good thing to try.
Anyway, what it is NOT is a plea for you to buy books from me, so there, it's all been said and sorted out.

Stay tuned for more lovely renovations and innovations around the blog here in the next little while, it's a work in progress, which is perfect because so am I.

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