Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Friday.... a moment and a story...

Once again I bring you a moment from the words necessary, a moment to be savored and carry me into the weekend. As usual inspired bySoule Mama.

Okay, I lied. There's a couple words necessary....

{Auntie Hearts "Pickles."}

{also... we matched, which is always cool.}

Also, I bring you a new addition to the Friday moment. "The Friday Funny."
Except that now that I've prefaced that the following will be funny, it very likely won't be. It'll be one of those "guess you would have had to have been there" type things and I will just cringe in embarrassment now, to save us all time later....

Reader Warning:
My funny story from this week is about boobs.

A few weeks ago my four-year-old daughter asked me if she would someday have "boobs" when she was a grown-up mommy.

I didn't miss a beat. I told her "Yes, of course."

She then asked me why I didn't have any myself then?....


I did my best to give her some sort of explanation about how that's just the special way God made Mama's body and that I did have boobs at one time so that I could feed her and her little brother when they were tiny babes, ( I didn't go on to mention that after having fed each of them, they've shrunk....I sometimes joke that a third child will make them concave at this point...but I digress)
I assured her she had a pretty good chance of inheriting genes that would ensure her a bust someday and she seemed happy with this, at which point she asked (just for clarification mind you) that this must be why mom wears a bra?
"So that you can put some boobs on for under your shirt?"

At this point, I'm thinking maybe the open door policy on my morning bathroom routine is no longer such a great idea.

"Ummmm sure, hon. that why don't you go find something to play with?,something that is not a barbie doll ...."

So now that I feel like a teenager girl caught stuffing with kleenex ; I laughed pretty hard and took solace in the fact that my own mother was confronted about this same genetic trait by my older sister at...
yup, pretty much exactly the same age over a swimsuit with built in bra cups.


Thursday morning  me and the children were playing in the nursery and again the issue of boobs, babies and  breastfeeding came up.

"Mama! My baby! She's really hungry I have to feed her!"

"Okay", I said as I began to make my way to the kitchen to make breakfast,
"Let's go downstairs and see what we can feed her."

"Oh no mom! I feed my babies with my booboos just like Auntie"

"Oh yes, of course... how silly of me."

She proceeded to make herself comfortable in the reading chair and position her baby in a pretty realistic cross cradle hold.

I have to admit, she's a pretty observant kid and I was impressed.

The only thing missing now was a little muslin blanket like Auntie's to cocoon her and her nursing child.
I suggested she have one, but there was none to be seen so she got up and plunked the baby into it's highchair.

"Oh well, " She sighed. "I guess I'll just feed the baby some squash instead."

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!


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