Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yarn Along

Every Wednesday I've been posting a photo of what crochet project and book I've been reading this week. It's been so great to join along with all the other bloggers out there in this link-up created by Ginny at Small Things.

This week I've finished another mohair button up scarf, this time for Al, and I am enjoying Laura Brodie's "Love in a time of homeschooling" immensely. (I think I'll have much more to add to my ongoing thoughts on homeschooling by the time I'm done it for sure!)

I promised I would put up the pattern that I used for the button up scarf  (also pictured here in last week's yarn along) So here it is:

The guage on this was a size 6mm hook and a # 5 Bulk yarn.

Ch 44.
Turn back into fourth chain from hook and dbl Cr ever SECOND chain till end of row.
*Ch4 Dbl Cr till end of row.*
Cont. * to * for 38 rows.
Next row dbl cr to 15 stitches. Skip one and dbl cr. to end of row.
Ch 4.  dbl cr to end of row.
Ch 1. St 2 tog for first 10 stitches. S Cr. to end of row.
Ch3 SCr. 8 sts Turn
st 2 tog . SCr to end of row.
Ch3 SCr. 5 sts. Turn
St 2 tog to end of row.
finish off yarn.

The final touch is to place a button or clip on the scarf opposite where you shape the lapel and the dropped stitch from row 39 becomes the button hole, so a nice big vintage button, clip or brooch would be fabulous!
If you have any questions, leave them for me in the comments and I'll message you back.Enjoy!

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