Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yarn Along

So, I was talking to my sister yesterday morning about Yarn Along which was started by Ginny at Small Things and how it has been the perfect impetus to get  into my needles and yarn...only trouble is, it's created a monster....a crocheting monster of many projects that are flying off the needle at lightning speed.

It's a very good monster to say the least but I find I am actually a whole project behind now with posting on Yarn Along. Yes, this is the project I worked on this week and the book I read, but I also did much more which will have to wait to be shown next week....all of this is exciting because it means there is a finished project photo to go with this week's yarn along.

 This week I set out to make a basket of slippers to put by the door, but when I pulled out this gorgeous Mohair yarn to work with,  (that I got on an end of aisle sale at walmart (walmart! can you believe it?, I could not)) it was too gorgeous to put on feet so instead I fashioned it into a button wrap scarf for myself adapting a knitting pattern I found on the inside of the yarn label. (If anyone wants my pattern I will gladly post it for you).
In reading we are on our first ever chapter book, Ava Grace and I. She's been begging me to start a chapter book for her and I thought this one that belonged to my mummy when she was a little girl would be a good choice. I explained to Ava about how she would have to make up the pictures in her head and she assured me she was already really good at this so off we went.
We're about 4 chapters into it and it's a lovely story I remember reading when I was small, about a young girl named Penny who loves ponies and makes friends with a little gypsy girl while visiting her stuffy Aunt. The success of reading aloud thus far has already made me excited enough to snap up all sorts of chapter books when I was at the thrift store on the weekend. (can't wait until we reach the age and stage of  Laura Ingalls Wilder!)

Here's the finished button up scarf with a little vintage clip I found at Sally Ann, it's great because I can detach it and still dream about putting some vintage buttons on it if I so choose. But I'm warm and happy and my husband thinks I'm cute. What more could I ask?


  1. Oh, that button-up scarf is SO pretty! Would love the pattern. I am going to have to check out Wal-Mart for yarn!! I didn't even know they sold it.

  2. The button up scarf is fantastic! I seriously wonder if Walmart got a mistaken shipment of quality yarn and not knowing what to do with it, marked it down because they KNEW it didn't belong there!
    I love vintage books, we are reading The Hobbit out loud right now (I have older kids) and it is a wonderful read aloud...its the 3rd time we've done it because it is our favorite!

  3. The yarn and the scarf are lovely
    I love old chapter books

    My youngest is at home with a real good cold and agrees with your husband "She is Pretty" and she also wants to know why I called her cold good when actually "it's bad not good!"

  4. That scarf is just the perfect color on you!! A much better use of the yarn than slippers, I think :-)

  5. That is such a great scarf! Love the color and the vintage clip. Hmm...perhaps I should get into crocheting...

    Also, Walmart has always had a yarn/knitting section! Some of them even have fabric sections. I hate to say it, but they kinda do have everything...

  6. The neckwarmer looks so nice and cozy. You did a lovely job.



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