Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yarn Along

Once again joining the community of stitchers and bloggers for Yarn Along over at Small Things

Since last week

I have moved onto another little hat for another little lady in the family.(following the pattern from last week but down one size in yarn and needle so it will fit a size smaller this time)

I have picked up several books on crocheting and I am disciplining myself into following the tutorials much like a class and getting better at doing things "properly" and less "playing by ear"

I went to the yarn department at the local Walmart and went into a different level of consciousness altogether  looking at all the selection and possibilities. I don't know how long I was there, but my husband had to finally come and find me and drag me away.

I left with this sweet skein of Red Hearts  Eco-ways Recycled blend in "Aquarium". (VERY nice to work with).

I gave up on Dante's Inferno temporarily. I made it to Canto IV and had to take a cerebral brake, even though the version I'm reading is full of annotations to help understanding. I think it will have to go on the "long term reading list" (that list keeps getting longer and longer unfortunately) so instead this week I can honestly say we are enjoying this little copy of  "Peter Rabbit" by Beatrix Potter. Rabbits have made it into this weeks imaginative play for sure, although this mother sympathizes with Mr. McGregor ( I wouldn't want my well laid garden chomped to bits either!)

Most of all, I proved myself to be fully certified as crochet-mad. I have been so happy since I picked it up last week and already I've found myself sneaking stitches into every activity I can. I've been stitching in the car, while watching a movie, and standing in Al's kitchen to manically finish the sleeve on a doll sweater for Ava's baby ( I'll share that one next week).

I thought I was welcoming crocheting into my world, but really I've been ushered into the world of crocheting and though I'm still getting my footing, I'm glad to be here!



  1. My mom started crocheting again last week (she did it all the time when I was small) she has already made all my girls the cutest hats! I told her she had to teach me too!

  2. Love the book :0)
    Love the colour of that yarn :0)

    One day I may be able to crochet...well I can dream lol

  3. H-m-m-m, I think you have inspired me to get out my trusty "hook" & work onsomething for a cute little "baby" that I found in V.V. last week, just waiting to be adopted! You see, it's like this, this "grandma-type" lady did not have a "baby" in her house, when I a very sweet pint-sized "Mama" came for a visit. Now really, I have Lego, trucks, craft-stuff...but no baby!!! That had to rectified, & was it ever a thrill to find exactly what I wanted complete with carrying bed, just like new. However, I really think she needs some more I am digging into my yarn which I brought back home from Auntie Chris's storage room........& the rest remains to be seen. I am anxious for your posts on your projects! They just might be transferable to my "baby." :-)

  4. Thanks Val and Sarah, yes that yarn is delicious and little hats are just the cutest thing! Aunty, perhaps I will make something special to send for the "baby" ;)

  5. Your yarn is pretty! It reminds me of my Epic Wrap. You know, aquamarine is my birthstone and I never really liked it until we went out sailing the first time down here. We passed over a sandy spot next to the coral reef and it was *exactly* the proper color. Now I love it. :)



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