Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I too can crochet!

 For so long I have wanted to join the little community of bloggers, readers and needleworkers who link up to Ginny's blog for "Yarn Along" every Wednesday at Small Things. I must admit I'm a bit crap at knitting, try as I might. But crocheting; this I can do. I love getting lost in the stitches (not literally, having to pull apart rows because I've lost count is REALLY annoying) but I love the monotony of crocheting and I have a much easier time holding one needle over two.
For my project this week, I thought I'd show the little hat I've been working on with this ancient ball of yarn that was given to me by one of my grandmothers so many years ago it's shameful. It's the ball I pull out everytime I think, "I should crochet something" and then I forget about it and a few months/years later that same ball and unfinished project get pulled out and unraveled and started into something new.
This time I worked improv from a pattern in my head, counting out rows and trying the work in progress on Jackson's head until it was the size I wanted.  I must say, I'm really happy with it, and I hope the darling little girl who will be wearing it will like it more than Jackson did. :)
For my book selection, I chose a book I haven't quite started yet (I cheated, I know) but I really wanted to start reading a classic in this new year and what could be more classic than something more than 1000 years old and referenced so many times by every University prof I had, I should have read it back then, years ago.

Better late than never I guess with both the reading and the crocheting.

What a wonderful winter thing to do while hibernating under all these mounds of snow!



  1. I just love the color and soft look of that yarn. I can't believe you could hold back from using it for so long!

  2. Your yarn is beautiful. Such a soft color. This may sound crazy but I loved the Inferno when I read it years and years ago. A lot of the imagery has still stayed with me over the years.

  3. I agree that the rhythm of crocheting or knitting or practically any hand craft really is excellent for quieting and focusing the mind. Great therapy, isn't it?

  4. I've felt like I should read that forever too. I did read a fiction mystery based on Dante that was super fascinating, The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl. (Does that count?) lol!



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