Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Okay, now we're moving....

This is how it is beginning to look and feel around here:

There is a growing pile of boxes at the bottom of the basement stairs and some shelves are beginning to look pretty bare.

We are literally moving at Christmas, (we'll be camping out at the new place on Dec. 24) and our furniture will follow a few days I'm counting out the weeks and there's barely six of them left.....eek.

Al came over and saw my dusty empty bookshelf and was depressed.
"I know you've been packing in the basement" she said,
"but at least I never go down there, so I don't have to see it and it doesn't have to be real."

I was kind of feeling the same way.

I spent the afternoon cleaning out my closet and night stand drawers and then getting distracted reading all my diary entries and little love notes Kev has given me over time (most are on post it notes) :)

I packed away all my books yesterday (not the kids ones yet) and spent so long putting each one in the box, feeling the covers and spines of each one, smelling their old paper smell ( I collect old books btw) and peeking inside to read the copyright dates and some of the original signatures from previous owners.  I was sad to see them closed up in cardboard. I had to shrug it off and move on to the next box... "only 6 weeks till I see you again friends.... "

( In case you couldn't tell I have a thing for books and preserving old ones... kindle ....BOO!
someday I'll post on my collection, maybe when I unpack them.) 

Along with the bitter-sweetness is the sweetness of course, and I am getting giddy at the thought of all the painting and decorating and home-making that will be happening at the new house.

We are moving to the town of Leduc, which is about 15 -20 minutes south of Edmonton and our new home is about 7 minutes south of the airport. (so if you're flying in to the area, you will just have to visit). and there are so many other charming things about our new home and town that I am excited to explore when we get there.

Today, I finally framed a vintage laundry bag that I scored at a garage sale back in the summer to hang up by my laundry closet in the new house,.... so ya, it's official. We're moving and I'm excited :)


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  1. I have a best friend that works in Leduc (but lives in Calmar), so next time we go for a visit, I hope I can see you and your family too! And if you ever come out this way, I have enough room for a sleepover!! :)



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